French Women Dressing Style Tips

French women style tips

In this article I want to talk about French women style tips.

I’m going to talk about some of the things I’ve seen on my own personal journeys, as well as things I’ve learned from great women on YouTube and Instagram who live in France.

Hopefully, these will be helpful tips that we can all include into our wardrobes to achieve the effortless style that we identify with French women.

Before we get started, I’d want to point out that many of the guides on this subject are stereotypes that reflect a very restricted representation.

I’m hoping to avoid repeating any of them here and instead provide ideas that we can all benefit from.

Style Takes Priority Over Fashion

One recurring theme I’ve noticed is a focus on enhancing your own personal style rather than simply copying what others are wearing.

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It’s something I greatly value.

It’s something that can be found almost anywhere. This is by no means unique to France, but it appears to be very popular there.

It’s something I’m passionate about, and it’s something I’ve always supported.

I advise all of us to take some time for ourselves and truly attempt to figure out our personal style and find items that feel like ourselves. Things that are an extension of who we are when we wear them.

So that we are in harmony when we expose ourselves to the world. We’re not uncomfortable since we’re dressed in clothes that we enjoy.

At the end of the day, that is far more beneficial than any single article of clothes. It nearly becomes a thing that emanates from within.

You simply look at peace with yourself and can interact with others. You aren’t always tugging at your clothes and obsessing over how you look on any given day.

Instead, you’re dressed in items that just improve your appearance, allowing you to fully engage in your life.

Classics Worn Well

Along the same lines, there appears to be a strong emphasis on a few well-worn classics. A few items that are truly timeless, items that you can wear from your twenties to your forties, fifties, and sixties.

Things that have the potential to become the foundation of your personal style. Things that have been modified and customized to really bring out the best in everything.

Instead of continuously pursuing trends and fretting about wearing what is in style at the time, there is a great emphasis on choosing pieces that will last you a lifetime. Trying to figure out what those are for you and totally accepting them.

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You’re wearing the same jeans you love because they work for you, make you feel fantastic, and go with the rest of your wardrobe, rather than changing up your jean silhouette just because the magazines tell you to.

That’s something I’ve been working on for the past couple of years for myself. When I stopped focusing on what everyone else told me to wear and instead concentrated on what I liked to wear, I saw a significant difference. I became much happier with not only how I appeared but also how I felt after discovering those timeless gems within my own collection.

I believe that when fashion and you are in sync, everything falls into place nicely. It’s something you can’t purchase. It’s just something that comes naturally to you.

There’s something particularly lovely about French fashion.

Quality Over Quantity

Many of us think of Parisian style when we think about French style.

At the end of the day, that’s what city dressing is all about. I can personally relate to the fact that city dressing is often dictated by necessity.

A good majority of things that we associate with French style and Parisian style are out of functionality.

A shortage of room is one of the pillars of this. You don’t have enough room to buy stuff randomly when you live in a small flat, perhaps a very historic old apartment with no closet or a very small closet.

There is a great emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Ensure that you’re purchasing items that you can rely on. You’re not just buying items randomly because you don’t have the space.

There was a genuine shift in thinking that was both lovely and something we can all benefit from. Something I’m working extremely hard to retrain myself to do. Especially if, like many of us, you’ve been exposed to rampant consumerism.

It’s excellent to concentrate on high-quality products that will be adaptable for you.

Something I strongly advise everyone to do. It’s a lovely cornerstone of French fashion, in my opinion.

Accessories Are Crucial

Because wardrobes are often limited and quality over quantity is emphasized, French fashion has such a lovely use of accessories.

Making certain that you can wear something in a variety of ways and still have it seem brand new.

Experimenting with fabulous jewelry, scarves, handbags, shoes, and sunglasses.

That was something I noticed the most the previous time I was there. It’s the sheer number of fantastic sunglasses available in eyewear. And how they’re worn as a personal accessory and extension of one’s particular style. In fantastic colors and shapes.

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Finding a few items that truly define your particular style, in my opinion, is quite beneficial in helping you feel your best.

French Women Dressing Style

Practicality is Crucial

As I previously stated, when many of us think of French style, we think of Parisian style.

That basically boils down to city dressing, which is all about functionality.

You require items that will be useful in your daily life. Things that you can genuinely live in.

That, I believe, transfers nicely into personal style and personal style adaption. Because we all enjoy seeing items that we can apply in our daily lives.

We adore seeing women that embody this. It’s priceless to take the time to find those items for yourself.

I strongly advise you to buy attractive and comfortable footwear. When walking in cities, bring items that will endure a long time. Things that will safeguard your feet, especially if you live in a cold climate.

And stuff that will make you feel at ease. It’s one thing to look well, but it’s quite another to be at ease. I strongly advise you to seek out that happy medium.

As a result, many of us associate French style with darker colors. You have to be concerned about grime and dirt, just like you would in any major city. It’s crucial to choose hues that won’t show any stains.

Things you can wear from day to night, from the office to a nice restaurant.

Things like a really dark, finely tailored blazer and trench coats, as well as dark washed denim. Things that are useful. When you’re out walking in the city and it starts to rain, the trench coat will preserve your lovely attire.

After that, there’s a lovely handbag that can hold everything. Something extremely robust and long-lasting.

All of this is done with a strong emphasis on practicality. It’s something we can all incorporate into our own personal style.

Quality Over Designer

While I was in France, I saw relatively few designer items or obvious designer goods, despite the fact that Paris is home to so many fantastic designers that we all lust over.

Part of this is due to the hefty taxation. Many of these items are beyond of reach for most people. However, it also comes down to a preference for individual style and quality above quantity. Rather than wanting anything just because it’s designer, make sure it’ll be a solid investment for your own particular wardrobe.

It’s a fantastic way to look at fashion by focusing on how something was manufactured and whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years. It’s something that we can all incorporate into our own closets.

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It’s perfectly OK if you have your heart set on something by a particular designer. But I don’t believe that should be your motivation for wanting something.

That’s a great approach to think about not only buying, but also style, because I don’t believe style can be bought. At every budget point, there is a way to be stylish.

I don’t believe you need to be a designer to be fashionable.

Fashion For Everyone

Last but not least, there is a strong emphasis on fashion being accessible to everybody.

There does not appear to be any restriction on who can join in the fashion industry. Regardless of how we look or how old we are, we may all develop our own own personal style.

That is something I admire about French style and French women.

There appears to be a genuine desire to contribute, which I adore. The more we do it for ourselves, the happier we get because it becomes a natural extension of everything else we do.

Obviously, fashion isn’t everything, but I believe it has a lot of potential to improve our lives and make us feel like we’re engaging in life in a way that is a true reflection of who we are on the inside.

If you haven’t already, I hope you go down the rabbit hole and start looking for it for yourself. Just seeing how it can improve your life and then focusing on things other than fashion is enough. Great interests, loving those around you, participating in life, and simply enjoying everything that comes your way are all good things to have.

It’s a sweet sentiment that we can all appreciate.

That is all there is to it.

That’s a few of my tips for obtaining French women’s style, as well as some of the things we can incorporate into our own wardrobes to create that easy elegant appearance we all desire, and things we can utilize to enhance our own unique style.

French woman dressing style

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