Tips For Wearing Bright Colors

Wearing Bright Colors

This season, wearing bright colors are in vogue. Bold colors are quite fashionable.

Every color is represented in my Instagram feed.

I adore it, and to be honest, when I’m feeling down about myself, either emotionally or physically, or possibly both, I put on some bright color and it instantly lifts my spirits. It lifts my spirits tremendously.

I adore neutrals and have a lot of them in my closet, but I also like color.

I’m going to show you some bold color outfit formulas to assist you put together some outfits that are likely already in your wardrobe but you don’t realize it.

I’ll also assist you in determining which colors are best for you.


The first bright color clothing formula I have for you is monochrome, which is when you wear the same color but in different shades.

All monochrome refers to using one color, such as blue, and combining several shades of that color, such as three shades, two shades, or even five shades of blue.

You could go to your closet right now and look at all of the colors there, then choose the one you think you have the most of and start pulling stuff out in that color family.

Put them together, don’t overthink it, and just experiment with the colors.

You may also simply go to a store and begin pulling items from the same color family. Go to the dressing room, put everything together, and have a good time. Take a friend that like bright colors and isn’t going to be critical or have strange opinions with you, and have a good time.

Even if it’s a purple color, blue color, or any other color, the monochrome style always looks costly and chic, and like a stylish clothing.

Another thing to think about when mixing different shades of the same color is to experiment with different textures.

You don’t have to be bothered about the fact that they all have the same texture. When goods have diverse textures, it looks incredibly elegant and fascinating.

Different Colors, But Same Shade

The second outfit formula, which is possibly my favorite, is to mix and match different colors, regardless of which colors they are, as long as they are in the same shade.

The lighter shades, medium shades, and darker shades may all be seen by looking at the color wheel.

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The lighter shades, or the medium shades, or the darker shades, should all be used together.

That’s why, when you look at jewel tones and mix and match any of them, they all look great.

Alternatively, if you mix and match any pastels, they will all look beautiful because they are all the same shade.

When you pair a darker shade with a lighter shade, you can notice the difference, but when you pair the same shades together, you can’t.

It’s more visually appealing and intuitively makes more sense to use multiple colors of the same shade rather than distinct colors of two different shades.

This isn’t to say that you can’t combine darker and lighter shades. But I think what works best is to keep the major element of your outfit the same shade and then accent it with a different shade.

Remember that these outfit formulas are only suggestions. When it comes to color, there are no rules.

Many individuals advise against wearing more than three colors. I believe this is true in many circumstances, but if you have a strong sense of color and can clearly see what appeals to you, you can do whatever you want.

There are no rules, therefore don’t be afraid to break them.

Color Blocking

One thing to remember about color blocking is that when you combine two completely different colors, the line where one color meets the other color will draw attention to that portion of your body.

Let’s say you don’t want your hips to be the focal point of your outfit. You don’t want your shirt to be out of tuck and cut you off at the hips.

One Bold Piece

Wearing basic clothing, such as a white t-shirt, jeans, and shoes, and then adding a bold color is one of the most simple but effective outfit formulas for wearing bright colors.

Or maybe your shoes are the bold color, or your jacket is the bold color, or your shirt is the bold color, and your jeans and shoes or jacket are the basic color.

You may match these bold colors with any neutrals if you have a lot of neutrals in your closet.

Take khaki, taupe, or beige and combine it with your bold color or colors. You might utilize more than one in this situation.

The neutral colors bring it down a notch, making it less vibrant and bold. If you’re still a little hesitant about colors, this might be a good place to start.

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If you like a color but it washes you out or doesn’t seem good with your skin, you may always put it in a pair of shoes or jeans. Basically, wear something in a color that complements your skin tone on the bottom half of your body and something in a color that contrasts with it on the upper half.

You don’t have to stay away from a color just because it clashes with your hair, skin, or eyes.

Color Wheel

Looking at the color wheel is another way to figure out which colors to pair together.

To be honest, I’m perplexed by this.

Getting colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel is one approach to look at the color wheel, which is a fairly typical way that people advocate to find colors.

Almost none of them strike a chord with me. (Well, some of them do :))

They do have lighter and medium shade versions of these, but the deeper shades really remind me of football teams and football colors.

As a result, it does not resonate with me.

The ones that resonate with me the most are the ones where I cut the color wheel in half, in any direction, and then take one half of that and mix any of the colors together.

Personally, I prefer those combinations, but if the color wheel can help you out, start looking at it. You can absolutely start looking at colors that you like going together on there.

What About Skin Undertones?

I pondered whether or not to include skin undertones in this article since I don’t want people to think, “I can only wear these colors because these are my shades and seasons.”

Even though I believe that is a fantastic place to start, you ultimately want to wear clothes that make you feel good and happy.

So, if having these color rules that you can follow to makes you happy and you know that it looks good on you, then that is excellent and you should go with it if it works for you.

If you truly want to wear oranges but have a cold skin tone, all you have to do is locate the right shade of orange. Alternatively, just wear orange and you’ll most likely look fantastic.

Here are the two most effective methods for determining your skin undertone.

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Put your silver and gold jewelry up against your skin, on your arm. If gold jewelry complements your skin tone better, you have a warm undertone. You have a cool undertone if silver jewelry looks better next to your skin.

Another method to look at it is to take a white piece of paper and hold it up to your face without makeup when there is some light coming in; if it seems more red, you have a cool undertone. If it appears more yellow, you have a warmer undertone.

None of these appear to be drastically different to me. I absolutely think of myself as having a neutral tone.

In The End

It’s easy to get carried away when talking about wearing bright colors and how to mix them together.

There are numerous topics to discuss, and this can become rather scientific. Also, it’s quite confusing, and there’s simply too much information.

Finally, what I would like for you to do, and what I do, is to be inspired by photographs you can find online or go to a store and try on a variety of different things, mixing colors in unusual ways you’ve never thought of before, and then going with what feels right.

It will all feel strange and quirky if you are new to putting colors together. As a result, these clothing formulas are a fantastic place to begin. The more you do it, the more intuitive you become about it, and you develop your own judgments about what you believe looks good on you and what you don’t.

It just takes a little practice, but I believe that using color to brighten your mood might help you feel better when you’re down.

In many respects, wearing bright colors is a game changer.

how to wear bright colors


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