Navy Suit Color Combos – What Color Tie & Shirt With Navy Suit?

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Navy Suit Color Combos - What Color Tie & Shirt With Navy Suit?

This video talks about ways to wear a navy suit, color combinations with shirt and tie.

The video starts by emphasizing the timeless and classic nature of the navy suit in men’s contemporary fashion. It highlights that navy suits are primarily suited for formal occasions, such as formal business meetings, interviews, or weddings, owing to their formal and sophisticated appearance.

The video discusses how the dark shade of the navy suit serves as a blank canvas, allowing individuals to experiment with different color combinations to create a stylish and personalized look.

The video delves into the concept of color theory and presents four basic color scheme patterns to help viewers choose the right shirt, tie, and shoe colors to complement their navy suits.

  • Monochrome Colors: It suggests that a light blue shirt and a navy tie create a harmonious monochromatic look, maintaining a consistent appearance.
  • Analogous Colors: It recommends using colors that are adjacent to navy on the color wheel, such as purple and teal, to complement the navy suit and create a cohesive color palette.
  • Triad Colors: The video mentions that maroon red and olive green are the matching triad colors for navy suits, providing another option for color coordination.
  • Complementary Colors: It explains that navy, being a cool color, pairs well with warm colors like brown and rust orange. Both triad and complementary colors are suggested for ties, especially when paired with neutral-colored shirts.

The video emphasizes the versatility of a classic white shirt, which can be paired with ties from any of the four color schemes, making it a safe and timeless choice.

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The video offers advice on adding a pop of color to the navy suit, such as pairing it with a light pink shirt. It provides tie color suggestions that align with color theory.

For those looking to add personality to their outfit, the transcript recommends patterned shirts. However, it emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the patterns complement the navy suit rather than clash with it. An example given is a striped shirt with white and navy blue or pink patterns.

The video also discusses footwear options to complete the look. Brown shoes are recommended as a great option for pairing with navy suits, as brown and navy are complementary colors that create a sophisticated and vibrant appearance. On the other hand, black shoes are considered a classic choice for more formal occasions, as they add an additional level of formality and can match with any shirt and tie color.

Overall, the video provides viewers with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively match colors, shirts, ties, and shoes with a navy suit for various occasions, with a focus on color theory and coordination principles.

Navy Suit Color Combos - What Color Tie & Shirt With Navy Suit?

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