How to Match a Burgundy Suit – Color Combinations for Men

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How to Match a Burgundy Suit - Color Combinations for Men

Burgundy is a sophisticated suit color with purple or brown undertones, and this video guide provides advice on matching it with shirt and tie colors.

Burgundy is a sophisticated suit color that can make a bold fashion statement.

The primary focus of the video is on providing viewers with strategies for matching a burgundy suit with various shirt and tie colors. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding color theory and the four basic color scheme patterns to achieve a stylish look.

  • Monochrome Colors: These include red, maroon, and deep pink. These colors are all considered monochrome options for pairing with a burgundy suit.
  • Analogous Colors: These are colors adjacent to burgundy on the color wheel, such as shades of pink, purple, brown, and rust orange.
  • Triad Colors: Triad colors are evenly spaced on the color wheel. For burgundy, the matching triad colors are navy and yellow.
  • Complementary Colors: Burgundy, being a warm color, pairs well with cool green as its complementary color.

The video provides specific recommendations for shirt and tie combinations:

Classic white shirts are a safe choice and work well with any suit color, including burgundy. They provide a clean and classic look suitable for formal events. Ties in brown, black, or dark blue are suggested to go with the white shirt.

An unexpected but stylish pairing is a pale blue shirt with a burgundy suit. This combination creates contrast, and it’s recommended to pair it with either a navy or burgundy tie.

A pink shirt blends effortlessly with burgundy due to their shared red base. To continue this analogous look, the video suggests brownish purple or maroon ties. Floral navy ties are also mentioned as a good complement.

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For a more daring style, the video suggests wearing a navy or black shirt with a burgundy suit. In this case, it’s advisable to skip the tie. However, if you choose to wear a tie, classic stripes or patterns on black or navy ties are recommended.

The video also touches on shoe choices to complete the look. It advises that black or brown leather shoes are generally safe options. If you’re wearing a black tie or aiming for a more formal appearance, black shoes are the preferred choice. For earthy-toned ties like sage green or brown, brown shoes are suggested.

The video encourages viewers to view these guidelines as basic and emphasizes that mastering the art of wearing a burgundy suit and developing one’s personal style will come with experience.

The overall message of the video is to provide practical advice and inspiration for individuals looking to style a burgundy suit for various occasions while highlighting the importance of understanding color theory and embracing personal style.

How to Match a Burgundy Suit - Color Combinations for Men

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