Dad Bod Fashion Style Tips

Dad Bod Fashion Style Tips

In this video, the presenter shares tips and advice on how to dress better for men with a dad bod. He starts off by acknowledging that most men have a dad bod and want to look better in their clothes. John’s goal is to help older guys feel more confident by sharing style tips that are often overlooked by other fashion influencers.

One of John’s first tips is to use three different color tones when putting together an outfit – light, medium, and dark. He recommends using the Canva color wheel to help find complementary color combinations.

The Canva color wheel is a free tool that shows which colors go well together. John shows how to use the color wheel to create different color combinations and demonstrates how to use it to find neutral shades that work well together.

John’s next tip is to wear shirts with collars instead of t-shirts to draw attention upwards towards the face and away from the midsection. He recommends dress polos from the brand Collars and Co., which are comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and always look perfect.

Another tip John offers is to avoid wearing bold vertical stripes because they can distort and draw attention to areas that men with dad bods may want to downplay. Instead, he suggests wearing small patterns and random pattern dispersion to create a leaner, more streamlined look.

Finally, John advises wearing clothes that fit well and offer some structure without being too tight or too loose. He also encourages men to experiment with different styles and looks to find what works best for them.

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Overall, John’s video offers practical tips and helpful advice for men with dad bods who want to look and feel their best.


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