Clothing Styles For Big Guys (11 Fashion Tips)

clothing styles for big guys

Guys, I understand. You’re tall and hefty. You’re carrying a little extra weight in your middle. You have a large frame.

I’m going to discuss about big guy clothing styles in this article. I’m going to show you how to slim down your style, how to look more trim, more muscular, and more masculine.


Fit is the first rule for cutting down your style. Let me repeat that – fit.

Most huge guys buy clothing that is far too big because it must suit a specific part of their body, and then they make compromises elsewhere.

Your tailor’s name should be known. Everything you own should be modified at the tailor.

Your casual shirts, jeans, suits, and higher-end pants and formal shirts, to be exact.

Everything must be altered to accommodate your difficult-to-fit body type.

Now, if you’ve done all of these tweaks and the clothes still look a little odd, we might be dealing with a proportions problem.

Avoid slim clothing. I don’t think this needs to be emphasized, but I’ll say it anyway. Just say no to skinny ties, skinny pants, and skinny lapels.

Why is it necessary to avoid skinny?

It’s all about proportion. How can we know if someone is a giant from afar when we see a gigantic man?

It’s the ratio of their head to their body that’s the problem. The similar phenomenon happens when we observe a man who is exceedingly little, because his head is greater in relation to his body.

As a result, you’ll want to keep proportions in mind at all times.

So, with a collar, they’ll typically use the same size collar, just spread it out, whether it’s a tiny shirt or a huge shirt.

However, if you’re a bigger guy, you’ll need a bigger collar to meet your body proportions, your head size, your hand size, and your body size.

Many off-the-shelf manufacturers, particularly the lower-end brands, do not do this.

They simply use the same size for everyone, which looks horrible on you. It makes you look out of proportion, as if you’re a giant.

So, if you’re viewing this, you might want to investigate custom-clothing.

Lengthen Your Leg Line

The second tip for slimming down your look is to prolong your leg line.

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When you compare a short person to a tall person, their torsos are roughly the same size.

It’s the length of the legs and arms that truly make a difference, making one person appear taller and the other appear shorter.

And once you’ve grasped that, you can apply it to your dress selections.

Prior to WWII, high-waisted trousers with pockets for suspenders were widespread.

Nowadays, you’ll have to have it nearly custom-made; they’re a little more difficult to come by, but they can help you appear taller.

Another approach is to just match your belt to your trousers. Many men wear a belt with a high contrast on their trousers, which effectively slices them in half.

Instead, look for a belt in a specific hue.

If you have light-colored trousers and dark-colored trousers, choose a belt that complements both.

This can boost your perceived leg line by over two inches, which is nearly 5% for shorter men.

Dark Colors

The next tip is to use dark hues and monochrome looks.

So it’s true: darker colors like black, charcoal gray, and navy will make you look slimmer.

Making sure your clothes fits properly does have a slimming effect.

It’s a clever optical illusion that you can take advantage of.

Make Use Of Patterns

Learning to leverage patterns is the fourth tip.

Patterns might work in your favor, but they can also work against you. You’re utilizing the optical illusions that we see when our eyes play tricks on us when we gaze at something.

So, if you bring in apparel with horizontal designs, such as a sweater, be aware that this will only make you appear wider.

This isn’t going to help the cause in the least. Instead, look for lines that ascend and descend.

The important thing to remember is that we’re going towards smaller patterns. You don’t want to choose patterns that are too huge.

So, if you’re going to get a shirt, you probably don’t want something with a lot of Bengal stripes.

You may think it will make you seem better proportionately, but in reality, it will merely broaden you out a little more.

Small repeating patterns are fine for what you’re after.

You know, a garment that from afar appears to be solid, but when you examine it closely, you can see a small pattern.

This is ideal for a man of larger stature.

Now, if I had a massive pattern that you could see, there are many types of suits out there with large patterns in them, and all of a sudden that makes you appear broader, bigger, and that’s not what we’re trying for.

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big guys fashion outfits

Shoulder Pads

The fifth point is to wear shoulder pads, and I’m not referring to football shoulder pads; I’m referring to jackets such as leather jackets and trucker jackets.

Suit jackets, sports jackets, and blazer jackets are all good options for building up your shoulders.

Return to your first analogy. A football player wearing shoulder pads. You might see a 300-pound football player with some muscle mass, but what do those shoulder pads do? They merely exaggerate the man’s size.

Despite the fact that many of these players are overweight, he doesn’t appear to be overweight on the football field.

So, the goal here is to bulk out the shoulders, which will make you appear taller and slimmer in profile, and that’s what we’re striving for.

Leverage Buttons

The sixth tip for slimming down your style is to use buttons.

On jackets, it’s really clear. Button your sports jacket, blazer, or suit jacket whenever you stand.

If you’re wearing a leather jacket, zip it up and bring it in around your body; this will slim you down.

But this also applies to buttons on trousers; instead of seeking for ones with just one, opt for ones with two or three.

Many folks notice this and don’t understand why it’s important.

It not only eliminates stress spots on the buttons, making them less likely to pop, but it also distributes the weight, making them more comfortable and simply making them look nicer when worn.

Wear Heels

Wearing heels is my next fashion advice for slimming down your look. I’m not talking about high heels here; I’m talking about boots. I’m referring to footwear with a heel.

A heel can easily increase your height by one to two inches. What’s the point of that?

It’s going to slim you up.

When you appear taller, your weight is more evenly distributed across your body, giving you a taller and slimmer appearance.

Make Use of Style Accents

Pocket squares are fantastic for drawing attention away from the waistline.

But what if you merely want to put on a shirt? It’s hot outside. Wear a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up just below the elbows in this situation. On a larger man, this will always look better than a short sleeve shirt.

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Also, add some accents. You can actually bring in chest pockets. Shoulder epaulettes are permissible.

Small style elements that can truly help you stand out are what you’re after.

You can wear a hat since it makes you appear taller and slimmer all of a sudden.

No Shorts

Many males may dismiss this following style suggestion for slimming down your look. That is, ditch the shorts in favor of tropical-weight wool trousers.

Find some nice-looking chinos and experiment with the various hues.

Many guys adore their shorts, however I believe they are overused, and shorts do you no favors if you’re a bigger guy.


This next style advice is all about the face, and it’s all about grooming.

If you’re getting a haircut, consider cutting it more frequently on the sides and leaving a little more on top. This will make your face appear slimmer.

If that doesn’t work or you prefer the sideburns, consider growing out a beard, preferably one that is well-groomed and a little longer.

The goal is to make the face appear longer and narrower.


You should get in the habit of dressing sharply. You don’t just wake up one morning and start dressing nicely.

You’re going to make a lot of mistakes, and that’s something you have to accept. So you’ll need to go through a period of transition where you practice dressing sharply.

Perhaps you gradually begin to bring and enhance your shoes, perhaps you begin to wear a suit, although a casual suit. Perhaps you just wish to wear a sports jacket or a leather jacket.

You start to feel better all of a sudden. You go out there and learn a little more, and you gradually progress.

Increase the quality of your default clothes, and people will take note.

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