How Should Gloves Fit, How to Wear Gloves

How Should Gloves Fit

In this article, you will find out how should gloves fit and how to wear them.

So, how exactly do you go about purchasing gloves that are the right size?

The idiom “fits like a glove” has probably come up in conversation, but what does it actually mean?

From what I’ve seen, the majority of individuals wear gloves that are either too big for their hands, too loose around the wrists, or have fingers that are too short.

When purchasing a glove, the first thing to keep in mind is that you want the glove to be tight.

Why does that matter?

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No Excess Material

There must be no extra material; everything should nicely fit together like a second layer of skin next to it.

It is important to keep in mind that glove leather is flexible and will stretch over time; therefore, it is preferable to get a pair of gloves that are too tight for your comfort rather than ones that are too loose.

Finger Length

The length of the fingers is the second factor to consider while selecting gloves. Check to see if the thumb fits snugly next to the fingers.

You won’t be able to go all the way down to the skin between your fingers the vast majority of the time, but every once in a while there will be a quarter of an inch or two centimeters in between and you won’t be able to reach it.

They may still feel like they fit, but once you’ve worn a glove that truly fits, there’s no comparison, and you don’t want to go back.

You want the quirks to be as close to your skin as possible.

It should come as no surprise that an unlined glove will always appear more refined than a lined glove.

If the side has extra material, it is too big for you. It will grow bigger over time.

Inspect the glove, wear it on, and if in doubt, always choose a smaller size.

Glove Sizing

Now let’s talk about glove sizing. Small, medium, and large sizes are available in most stores. One size fits all gloves are occasionally available. However, there isn’t a glove that can be worn on all hands. Simply put, it’s not doable, especially if it’s leather.

The conventional range for glove sizes is 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and so forth.

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The cut deserves special attention. For the best and most aesthetic fit, there is a cut with fairly long fingers for larger hands and shorter fingers for smaller hands.

How to Measure Your Hand

It’s crucial that you accurately measure the size of your hand.

So how exactly do you determine out what size glove you need?

You are going to need the use of a measuring tape.

First, ascertain which hand is your dominant one. In my case, it’s the right hand. The circumference of your hand is measured without including the thumb around the region of your hand that is the widest.

Take the measuring tape, pull it taut as you move around, and make sure to keep it that way the whole time.

Since it is 8.5 in my case, my glove size will be 8 and 1/2. Simply divide the measurement in centimeters by 2.54 to get the number.

Always size down if you’re between sizes. For instance, if your measurements are 9.2, 9.3, and 9.25, choose size 9.

If your measurement is 7.4, you should probably choose a 7.5 because your hand is already small. However, because the glove will stretch and the material is flexible, always order one size smaller.

Go one size down if you have a large hand and short fingers. Don’t choose the standard size. You will get a much better fit from the gloves as they adjust.


One of the most significant aspects of proper fit is one that cannot even be seen by the naked eye. This refers to the glove’s softness.

I have a pair of lamb nappa gloves. It has quirks and simply feels incredibly soft when I move my hands. I don’t really feel much of a resistance, and it’s extremely comfy and well-organized.

However, the gloves I own from a less expensive vendor feel really stiff. When I move, the stiff leather pulls in all directions.

When you wear the glove on, you’ll understand what I mean right away.

Therefore, it’s usually not the greatest option if the glove is especially stiff.

Of course, the leather also has an impact. Peccary and lamb nappa have a very soft, subtle feel about them. Deer skin, bison skin, or other less expensive leathers that are typically utilized when you buy a pair of gloves for $30 won’t have that.

How to Wear Gloves

Let’s go through some basic guidelines for putting on and taking care of your gloves.

First, let’s talk about how to wear gloves.

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Typically, you put them on at home, and you should try to be cautious when handling your gloves.

This is the procedure to follow.

To begin, simply put in your hand and gently pull at the cuff.

The second step is to insert your finger into the space between the quirks to see that everything is seated properly, and then to pull on them one more time to ensure that they are snug.

Last but not least, if your gloves have buttons, you button them.

This is what you should avoid doing if you want to take good care of your gloves and make sure they last a long time.

The majority of people only pull their glove with one finger. This puts a lot of strain on your glove, which will cause it to become increasingly wrinkled over time and is bad for the leather.

Instead, you should open the button before anything else.

Second, in order to loosen the glove, you should pull a light and gentle tug on each finger just a little bit. The next step is to take all of the fingers and pull in the same direction at the same time. Your gloves will last significantly longer because of the reduced strain they are subjected to.

After removing the gloves from your hand, make sure everything is flat and stack them on top of one another for storage.

Avoid crumpling them; it’s bad for your gloves and will make them worse over time. Make sure they’re always in good condition and are stored flat.

Avoid putting white or white-colored gloves right next to very dark-colored gloves since some of the colors may rub off and damage your leather-colored gloves.

It’s customary to remove off the glove while you’re meeting someone while wearing gloves outside.

In the past, it was acceptable to shake hands while wearing a glove, but I believe that now days it is preferable to remove the glove before shaking hands.

I’ve discovered that, although it’s incredibly exciting to have more colors, you don’t actually need a lot of them when it comes to glove colors and how to combine them.

These are the fundamental four colors that I would recommend every gentleman to wear: chamois yellow, burgundy, gray, and tan.

You can virtually match anything in your wardrobe with those four colors.

You will have one pair of gloves that will go with any color, including black, navy, charcoal, grey, green, brown, orange, and yellow.

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Naturally, after having these four colors, you want to try new things. a petrol blue, as an example.

If you’re looking to buy gloves for the first time but aren’t sure what color to get, I would suggest going with either chamois yellow or gray for your first pair.

If you work in an office, wear a lot of suits, and prefer to dress professionally, grey is a better choice because it works well with such attire.

On the other hand, chamois yellow is wonderful if you work in an industry where the dress code is more relaxed.

I recommend you to choose burgundy for the second pair of gloves. Burgundy is fantastic since it isn’t quite as vibrant as chamois yellow, but it is a little more subdued and still works with a variety of colors.

When you wear gloves in colors like grey, yellow, petrol blue, or burgundy, which are uncommon but go with a variety of ensembles, you will undoubtedly receive compliments.

The best thing to do in the event that your gloves ever become wet or develop water stains is to thoroughly wet them and then allow them to air dry.

Neither the radiator nor the hair dryer should be used; instead, they should be laid flat and let to dry in the air, after which they will be easily reshaped. The glove will feel considerably harder once it has dried, but after a few wears, it will return to its soft state.

Don’t soak your gloves in water or wring them out because it may damage the leather; instead, just lightly apply water to them with your hand to make them wet.

Generally speaking, even though your gloves are made of natural materials, you do not need to polish them. It might require some nourishing over time. You can make use of clear, wax-free shoe polish.

Having said that, you won’t likely need to do that for the first five to 10 years.

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