5 Men’s Date Night Style Mistakes

Men's Date Night Style Mistakes

Are you damaging your first impression unintentionally? Get these date night style mistakes under check to ensure a second date!

Dressing Inappropriately

The first date night style mistake that I frequently observe men making is not dressing adequately for the particular kind of date they are going on.

In the present world of social media platforms and dating applications, the idea of a date has advanced far beyond the traditional candle at dinner in a nice French restaurant with a comedically snobbish waiter.

In addition to coffee dates, casual drink dates, activity dates, zoom dates, and a plethora of other options, dinner dates are still very much a thing.

Although I’m not claiming that they all have dress codes, all of these categories pretty have a do not dress code.

Always evaluate the circumstance to determine the appropriate level of dressiness or casualness.

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For instance, you two are going to the coffee shop and then have a stroll through the park. It’s always best to keep things casual in situations like this, so opt for a nice pair of dark wash jeans, some shoes, and a crew neck sweater.

This exact outfit would, however, be seen too casual if you were going on a more formal evening dinner date and would instead call for something more formal, such as a blazer, dress shirt, some dark wash trousers, and Oxfords.

If you’re unsure, a good general rule to remember is that the later in the day the date is, the more formal the outfit should be.

Neglecting Grooming

Next up we have a mistake that you’re certainly going to want to prevent, irrespective of the nature of date that you’re going on and that is neglecting your grooming.

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Men will never appreciate how much effort women put into getting ready for a date.

In exchange, they anticipate that you will make at least some effort to take care of your physical appearance.

It all comes down to having a good grooming routine because it will make you look good, and when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, she’ll feel good.

Wearing Wrong Footwear

The next date night style mistake that I see guys making over and over and over again is not making themselves look stylish down below.

No, this isn’t a Manscaped advertisement; instead, look even down. I’m talking about your shoes.

Remember the scene from Terminator 2 where Arnold enters the bike bar nude and uses his advanced scanning technology to assess the various bikers?

Women have a similar inbuilt scanner that enables them to assess a man just looking at his appearance.

Women tend to notice dirty, scuffed, damaged, and worn-out shoes as the first thing.

A guy’s shoes reveal a lot about him, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so if you show up for a date wearing cheap, dirty, or ugly shoes, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot.

He seemed kind, but when I saw his feet, I knew I had to go. I’ve heard a lot of women use this phrase, and the worst part is that it can be avoided so easy.

Just give your shoes a good cleaning before your date, and if they still don’t look presentable, either acquire new ones or get them fixed.

Welcome to the world of dating, which may seem shallow, petty, and irritating.

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Going Overboard With The Cologne

So now that she’s seen you up close, she recognizes your efforts to look your best and is appreciative of them.

However, what is that smell? The inside of the nostrils feel like they are being burned.

Going overboard with the cologne is my next huge date night faux mistake that men commit, in case you haven’t gotten the picture.

Actually, I’m not the biggest cologne enthusiast. In fact I truthfully believe that the best fragrance is no fragrance at all.

Good grooming goes a long way in terms of making a favorable first impression, but donning Paco Rabanne and hoping for the best is not the way to go about it.

When a guy arrives for a date smelling like cologne, it pretty much shows that he is too lazy to take a shower and wants to make up for it by giving himself an elaborate Italian shower. Not a good move.

One spray should be sufficient if in doubt.

Screwing Up Your Accessories

The last date-night style mistake I frequently observe men making can seriously detract from your overall appearance and, ultimately, your first impression. It’s badly chosen accessories.

Accessories are those small accents that give you the chance to gently reveal your actual self and show your individual sense of style. They serve as the stylish icing on top of the delicious cake that is you.

It’s crucial to get them perfect because women are extremely detail-oriented beings, and there are some things that they really notice.

You should start by getting rid of any overtly immature items that read “gap year in India” or “frat house reject.” I’m talking to your dog tags, puka shells, frayed rope bands, and other items.

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These severely detract from your appearance and give off an impression of immaturity and doucheyness.

However, this does not necessarily imply that you should stop wearing accessories. Instead, you should constantly try to keep things simple and remember that little is more.

Individual items of jewelry, such as cuffs, necklaces, and rings, can work extremely well and offer some extra pizzazz to your well-groomed physical features and well-coiffed outfit.

A good watch, however, is unquestionably the item that every man should own. Watches are one of those things that can really complete an outfit and they say so much more than I don’t need to look at my phone to check the time.

There is absolutely no justification for frequently checking your phone while on a date, unless you’re waiting for a truly urgent call. It’s insulting and shows your disregard for her time and presence.

When you decide to wear a fine watch in public, it shows that you value attention to detail and that you go above and beyond when it comes to your appearance. It shows your concern for the little things.

And the simple things are everything to women.

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