Different Types of Leather Gloves & Linings

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Different Types of Leather Gloves

This article is about different types of leather gloves and linings so you can find the one that’s best for you.

Types of Leather Gloves

Cowhide and Bison Hide

To begin, I’d like to talk about cowhide and bison hide.

Cowhide is frequently used for leather items, but since it is not a flexible leather, it is less frequently used for gloves.

It is really difficult to find things that are flexible for your hands because they need to move with your fingers.

The leather from bison is thicker, durable, and great for work gloves, but it might not be the best material for formal dress gloves.

Deer Skin

The following type of leather is made from deer skin.

Because it is both softer and more durable than other types of leather, deer skin is highly popular for gloves. Because it’s thin, it helps to make for a very stylish glove.

Deer skin is often quite popular with people who enjoy the outdoors and is also used for work gloves. It’s a decent in between glove that you can find relatively easily.

Goat Skin

Another type of leather that sees widespread use due to the fact that it is simply affordable is goat skin. Goat skin has the drawbacks of being inexpensive, wrinkling easily, and not making particularly attractive glove leather.

Therefore, stay away from goat skin leathers if at all possible.

Napa Lamb

On the other hand, lamb napa is regarded as one of the best types of leather due to the fact that it is incredibly flexible, making it quite pleasant to wear, and it also possesses a wonderfully luxurious feel to it.

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It ages fairly beautifully, developing elegant creases and a really nice patina.

Hairsheep Leather

The so-called hairsheep leather is another popular type of leather. It is common practice to confuse hairsheep with lamb napa.

Although they are quite comparable, some claim that hairsheep leather is slightly more resilient but also less soft than lamb napa.

Although it ends up making excellent glove leather, I personally prefer Lamb napa.

Shearling Leather

Shearling or sheepskin leather is another type of leather that is commonly used in gloves. Although it is a touch stiffer and has shearling, it is still warm and is not intended to be used as dress gloves.

They simply don’t appear classy enough to be worn with an overcoat and are too big. It can be a good alternative if you live in the woods or are an avid outdoorsman. Otherwise, I would avoid shearling.

Peccary Leather

The so-called peccary leather is the supreme leader of all glove leathers. It’s best type of leather for gloves.

The peccary is a South American mammal that some people mistakenly call a wild boar, but it is actually a separate species more closely related to the javelina.

The texture of peccary leather is exquisite. It is made of really soft leather and has these prongs that are very special to it.

The peccary glove will definitely last 20 years if you take care of them and gets softer the more you wear it. However, it is also incredibly durable.

I’ve had a pair of peccary gloves, for instance, for more than 10 years. They have a nice patina and look, and they are incredibly soft.

In all honesty, every man ought to own a pair of peccary gloves. Although they are very expensive, I believe they are worthwhile.

The fact that a peccary is a wild animal, which causes it to scratch its skin and leave little markings, is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. Unlike other leathers, peccary will always have certain blemishes and inconsistencies, which only add to the character and patina of this exquisite glove.

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Peccary leather and carpincho leather are frequently confused by people. Although carpincho has a prong and a slightly suede-like texture, it is nowhere near as high-quality as peccary leather.

It originates from South America as well and is frequently misidentified as a peccary. When something in a pattern appears to be a little bolder, you should definitely be on the lookout. Carpincho leather is less expensive, less soft, and less long-durable.

Additionally, pigskin leather gloves are sometimes available. Pigskin is essentially a subpar version of peccary and is inferior in every way—durability, softness, patina, etc.

Therefore, if you have the means to do so, you should purchase a pair of peccary gloves so that you can spoil yourself with the best thing that can be found in the world of gloves.


A lined glove is unquestionably what you want for winter gloves.

You will require a different pair of gloves if you plan on going on an arctic exhibition. These days, there are many different types of contemporary fibers, each with a certain thickness. If you ride a motorcycle, you shouldn’t wear dress gloves since you require the specialized protection that motorcycle gloves offer.


Alpaca makes a unique yet wonderful lining for men’s dress gloves.

The majority of alpaca comes from Peru. However, you can find it elsewhere in the world. The best quality is produced in Peru.

It’s best because it’s incredibly fine, which makes it feel very natural and soft to the touch. Inside the hair is an air chamber that serves as an insulator. Alpaca lining is hence warmer than wool or cashmere lining.

The best thing to purchase is peccary gloves with alpaca lining.

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Cashmere lining is considered one of the more popular linings. Cashmere is derived from the cashmere goat, and it has an extremely soft lining, making it quite popular.

Overall, it’s a really typical glove lining that is about as warm as wool but not quite as warm as an alpaca. Your hand will never appear fussy; it will always look good and natural.


Alpaca and cashmere are more expensive options, but wool linings are still highly popular. Alpaca or cashmere are preferable, so choose one if you can. They’re either softer or warmer, and wool is less expensive.


Evening gloves or really delicate gloves typically have silk linings. It just makes it easier to get your hand into the glove. They are not, however, truly insulating at the same time.


Many gloves that you may buy at big-box retailers, department stores, or places like Macy’s have a blended lining. Polyester is a possible material; fleece, another polyester-based material, is occasionally used. Overall, I do not suggest them.

Natural fibers are preferred because of their fantastic qualities, just like with suits.

Get a fully functional glove if you’re going to Alaska. But stay with natural fibers if you want dress gloves.

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