7 Men’s Style Rules That You Should Follow No Matter What!

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Men's Style Rules That You Should Follow

There are so many different styles to choose from.

Dapper, business casual, casual, streetwear, and tech are all options. The list could go on indefinitely.

Each aesthetic has its own set of rules that you must follow if you want to look good in that style.

Certain style rules, on the other hand, simply trump all of those aesthetics and categories.

Consider them to be the law of the land. Every man who cares about how he looks, regardless of what style he has, must follow these style rules.

Always Do Your Hair

This is a crucial one. Most males don’t realize that your hair, and how you style it, is an important aspect of your overall look.

It’s never acceptable to have bed head.

You look like you didn’t even put out effort if you have a literal cowlick in the back of your head because you didn’t do your hair that morning.

It doesn’t matter how expensive, how nicely put together, or how good you combine outfits.

Taking care of your grooming is thus an element of your style. And doing your hair is a must.

Pants Sit on Your Waist

You can go either way. If they sit lower, you appear childish and childlike. If they’re too high, you’ll appear to be a grandfather.

Pants that sit right at the hip bone are what you’re looking for. That’s the normal position for your pants.

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And pants should fit perfectly regardless of whether you choose a traditional shape, a slim cut, or a tailored cut. It makes no difference.

This is a rule that every man should adhere to. The waist should be so well-fitting that the pants will sit on your waist without the need for a belt.

When you’ve got that, you’ve got the right fit.

Tight Neck Line

Your neckline should be tight at all times.

You always want this neckline to be nice and tight to embrace the neck, whether it’s a dress shirt, a button up, a hoodie, a crew neck, a sweater, or a t-shirt.

It doesn’t matter if the fit is large or fitted.

The neckline is one of the most important aspects of a man’s appearance.

If the neckline is excessively broad, it loses its wonderful large fit and instead resembles a borrowed fit, such as one from your elder brother.

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Glasses That Fit Your Face

Your glasses need to be wide enough to fit your face.

I don’t care if you’re into hypebeast style, dapper style, it doesn’t matter. This rule applies to everybody, because it’s the way glasses fit on your face, no matter the design.

The width is the only size that has to be checked.

What you need to do is get a tape measure and measure the width of your head from templ to templ.

Then go to any website that sells glasses online, scroll down, and look for three numbers.

The lens width is the first number. You’re going to take that figure and multiply it by two.

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The second number is the bridge width, which is the midpoint, that thin line that connects the two lenses. That number will be added at the end.

And it will give you the frame’s overall length.

Now you’ll want to grab that length and make sure it fits your temples. If it does, you have properly fitted glasses.

If it doesn’t, you’re going to end up with small spectacles and, my man, you’ll look like the matrix.

Too Tight Garment

If a clothing pulls on you, it’s too tight.

At the end of the day, you should size up if it’s tugging from vital regions like your chest, back, waist, buttocks, or thighs.

You must be honest with yourself; you must accept that you are gaining weight and that you have two possibilities. Either you go to the gym or you increase your size.

Wrinkled Clothes

Wrinkled clothing should never be worn.

I don’t care if you bought luxury stuff or Walmart bargains. You’ve ruined everything as soon as you put on something wrinkled.

You already appear to have made no attempt. Especially if it’s a casual outfit.

If it’s a casual outfit that’s wrinkled, you’ll merely add to the narrative of everyone who sees you as if you rolled out of bed and put no effort in that morning.

People will automatically judge you for it.

No Fake

Wearing false jewelry, in particular, is never a good idea.

Wearing a fake chain that’s actually made of plastic with bedazzled jewels is the epitome of tackiness.

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It only cheapens your outfit and lowers your standard in the eyes of everyone else. Who are you really trying to impress or fool?

Jewelry is a powerful weapon that enhances your appearance.

It does not have to be costly. You can purchase reasonably priced items, such as stainless steel, which costs between $30 and $40 and makes you look fantastic.

But don’t try to impress others by pushing a fake story.

Because when people know it’s a fake, it devalues the fit.



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