15 Men’s Summer Style Mistakes

Men's Summer Style Mistakes

This video highlights that summer is a great opportunity to express personal style and create new outfits, but it also warns about common fashion mistakes to avoid.

The first mistake mentioned is neglecting grooming, particularly not trimming armpit hair and letting body hair run wild. It suggests maintaining body grooming habits, including trimming, to avoid looking unkempt.

The second mistake is wearing tight or extremely baggy clothes. While breathable clothes are essential for summer, excessively loose or tight-fitting garments can give off a sloppy or childish appearance. The video advises finding a balance and pairing relaxed pieces with slim or straight cuts.

Choosing the wrong fabrics is another mistake. Fabrics that trap heat and don’t breathe well, like polyester blends, should be avoided. Instead, the video recommends opting for lightweight and breathable materials such as linen and cotton, which are more comfortable in hot weather.

The video criticizes Crocs as unstylish footwear, particularly when worn with socks. It suggests wearing classic sandals like Birkenstocks for casual occasions but advises against wearing them in urban settings.

Foot care is emphasized, encouraging viewers to trim nails, sand calluses, and moisturize feet. This is presented as a small maintenance step that can make a significant difference in overall grooming.

The video advises against excessive accessory usage, suggesting that less is more. It recommends incorporating one or two well-chosen accessories rather than overloading with multiple bracelets, chains, or hats.

When experimenting with colors and patterns, the video suggests maintaining some consistency to avoid a cluttered look. It advises balancing patterned pieces with neutral colors and recommends incorporating lighter shades for summer.

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Sunglasses that suit different face shapes are discussed. Rounded frames like aviators are recommended for angular faces, while round-faced individuals should opt for sunglasses with rounded, softer edges. Patterns like tortoiseshell or lighter-colored frames are suggested to complement summer outfits.

The video cautions against exposing too much skin, such as wearing muscle tees or unbuttoning shirts excessively low. It suggests that a well-thought-out outfit can be more flattering and attractive than simply showing off muscles.

Wearing all-black ensembles in summer is discouraged due to the fabric’s heat absorption and uncomfortable appearance. Navy is suggested as an alternative, but the video encourages exploring lighter shades of colors like blues, greens, and whites for summer.

Transitioning to lighter footwear is advised, with heavy fall or winter boots being replaced by low-rise sneakers, lightweight espadrilles, or driving moccasins suitable for summer.

Denim cutoff shorts, known as Jorts, are criticized for their popularity despite not looking good. Instead, the video recommends flat-front shorts as a more put-together and comfortable option.

The importance of wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is stressed to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It advises applying sunscreen before going outside to avoid an uneven tan.

Exposed ankle socks are considered a major fashion faux pas. The video suggests switching to no-show socks to maintain a polished and stylish appearance, especially when wearing shorts and low-rise shoes.


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