Complete Guide to Men’s Collar Jewelry

Men's Collar Jewelry

This video is a complete guide to men’s collar jewelry, which is defined as any jewelry worn on the collar of a dress shirt in classic men’s style.

The video starts by discussing the history of collar jewelry and its origins in the fascination of mankind with wearing jewelry around the neck, from ancient times to the medieval and early modern bejeweled collars and decorative gorgets. The video then fast forwards to the mid-19th century when collar jewelry started being worn with starched collars.

The video discusses various types of collar jewelry, including collar studs, tie retainers, collar tips, collar bars, and collar clips. It provides detailed descriptions of each type of collar jewelry, their history, functionality, and style.

The video also highlights the various designs and materials used to create collar jewelry, ranging from simple ball or oval studs to heavily ornamented designs made from precious metals and stones. The video also mentions some interesting facts, such as the British Royal Air Force producing collar studs with hidden compasses.

The video concludes by discussing how collar jewelry impacts men’s wear today and how it can be incorporated into one’s personal style. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the right collar jewelry to match one’s outfit and individual style.

Overall, the video provides an informative and engaging guide to collar jewelry for men and is a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of classic men’s style.

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