Men’s Dress Code Guide

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Men's Dress Code Guide

I’ll go over what to wear for every dress code in this guide.

Business Formal

A formal business dress code calls for a dark, conservatively styled suit. The two finest color choices are navy blue or charcoal gray.

Keep in mind that a suit consists of a jacket and trousers made of the same fabric.

Choose suspenders or a formal dress belt that matches your shoes to support and hold your trousers up.

The most formal option when it comes to business formal dress rules is a solid white dress shirt. But a dress shirt in pale blue is also suitable.

Use patterns with caution. You can bring a few minor patterns, especially in the whites and blues, but mainly, I want solid colors or patterns that, from a distance, appear to be solid colors.

The most popular type of shirt cuff is likely to be a barrel cuff, but if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can also choose French cuffs.

Keep your neckties dark and understated, or use delicate, repeating patterns in limited doses. Regimental stripes are acceptable in business-formal settings, despite the fact that, given their history, they may appear to be a larger pattern.

You don’t want to go overboard with other accessories like jewelry or boutonnieres. Simple is best.

A simple white pocket square is an item that is always simple. Choose a presidential fold that is neat and polished. It’s the ideal decision.

Don’t forget to complete the ensemble with a timeless, clean-dress watch. You should choose a watch with a simple dial and a dark brown or black leather strap.

How about dress timepieces made of metal? They are also entirely acceptable.

Wear dark socks, particularly ones that match your pants, when it comes to footwear.

We’ll wear a classic pair of Balmoral Oxfords in either black, oxblood, or dark blue as our shoes.

Business Casual

The next category is business casual.

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This is where things start to become much more flexible: business casual.

On the more formal side, we have the navy blazer with the matching trousers and tie. As khaki slacks, grey wool trousers are a great option.

Save the casual belts for later and stick with a great dress belt that matches the leather of your shoes.

When it comes to business casual, another option is to ditch the tie and blazer in favor of a stylish sports jacket.

Not in the sports jackets? Instead of wearing a jacket at all, how about layering a v-neck sweater over your dress shirt?

You can even choose to dress in business casual by wearing a collared shirt by itself. Additionally, you are allowed to use a greater variety of hues and designs.

If you decide to wear a jacket, don’t forget to have some fun with the pocket square when it comes to your selections of shirts, neckties, and jackets. You can choose from a variety of fold types in addition to a greater range of colors and patterns.

As you may think, you can be much more casual and funny when it comes to timepieces. Wear a watch with complexity and one with colors.

You don’t have to stick with those dark, conventional colors; even your socks can join in the fun. You may now introduce those exciting hues and patterns.

We now come to footwear. Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your ensemble by going with a striking pair of shoes. Perhaps a pair of brown brogues with attractive wingtips, or perhaps a pair of derbies with contrasting leather.


Next up we’ve got casual.

The casual dress code doesn’t have the same requirements as the others, but that doesn’t mean you may be sloppy.

Wear a nice casual sweater, a Henley, a polo shirt, or a t-shirt with a leather jacket, or try a casual button-down shirt. Put on a fantastic pair of chinos, don’t forget your dark wash jeans, a great casual belt, or even go without the belt.

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Enjoy your watch choosing from the various fun styles and colors available for casual watches.

Try some unconventional socks, give up your running shoes, and opt for boots or loafers instead.

Make sure the fit is perfect to look sharp while wearing casual clothing.

Black Tie

This is likely to be the most formal dress code you encounter. You need to pay close attention to a lot of details.

A tuxedo consists of a wool jacket and matching trousers with satin or grosgrain lining at the lapels.

A tuxedo jacket with notched lapels is inappropriate. This style belongs on suits or a casual jacket and is more laid-back.

A shawl collar is classic because it is timeless and understated. However, a peak lapel will make you appear a little bolder.

When wearing a black tie outfit, the pants’ material must match the jacket’s. The waist and the strip of satin that runs down the leg of black tie trousers are frequently made of satin.

You won’t locate any belt loops on your black tie trousers because belts are too casual for black ties.

However, they will include side tabs to tighten the waist or buttons for suspenders to keep the trousers up.

When wearing a black tie, the waist of the trouser must be concealed, either with a cummerbund or a waistcoat. Make sure the pleats are facing up if you choose the cummerbund.

Additionally, a specific shirt with studs rather than buttons is required for black tie events. The appearance is more refined with studs. I advise beginning with simple black and silver studs.

The shirt frequently has French cuffs that fasten with cufflinks as well. It’s recommended to start out with something understated while wearing cufflinks for the first time. Choose something understated, understated, clean, and classy.

The color of the shirt will always be white, and you should make sure that you select either a point, a spread, or a wing tip color when it comes to the collar.

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You don’t want to wear a black necktie when choosing your tie. An alternative would be to wear a black bowtie. That neckpiece is appropriate for use with a black tie.

Also keep in mind that a pre-tied bow tie is dull and lifeless. Teach yourself how to tie a bowtie.

Finish off your look with a presidential fold on a white pocket square.

Since you shouldn’t be concerned with the time, a watch technically shouldn’t be worn with black tie.

But if you stick with a classic dress watch with a simple white dial and a black leather band, I believe you can defy this rule.

Make sure to wear black socks and choose a pair of opera pumps or the classic black Balmoral Oxford shoes.

Always make sure to polish your dress shoes or use patent leather ones.

Black Tie Optional

What about black tie optional?

According to this dress code, black tie is the recommended option. If you don’t possess or want to rent a tuxedo, you can, of course, wear a dark solid-colored suit instead.

Wear a white shirt, and when choosing your accessories, go for dark, timeless, and conservative pieces.

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