10 Universal Colors That Look Good on Everyone

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Universal Colors That Look Good on Everyone

Identifying your color type and developing a color palette that highlights your greatest features have truly gained popularity over the past several years.

To help remove some of the mystery around adding colors to your wardrobe that not only work with what you already have in your wardrobe, but also actually look good on you, I wanted to share the idea of universal colors in this article.

Colors that everyone can wear, regardless of their color type, are referred to as universal colors. These are colors that can be found in a variety of color palettes for various color types.

Years back, a woman asked me what would happen if she wore a color that wasn’t in her color palette and that theoretically didn’t look good on her.

And the response to this question is nothing. Nothing horrible will happen; it’s hardly rocket science.

It is merely a styling tool to assist you in selecting some of the countless color options available. But also help you in identifying some power colors that actually highlight your best qualities.

Finding colors that complement you and your natural qualities should make you want to wear the color rather than the other way around.

The majority of people would likely concur that they prefer to hear that you look stunning rather than that you are wearing a stunning blouse.

The way I would advise you to combine your colors may vary depending on the type of color.

You will have highly blended and muted features if you are a soft color type, thus you should choose muted colors and combine them in this blended and tonal approach. Make sure they don’t overwhelm you by being too overpowering for you as well. Be certain that they complement your natural characteristics.

The clear color type is the counterpart to a soft color type. If you have very contrasted features and are a clear color type, you will look better in contrasts.

When combining colors, especially if you’re discussing universal ones, it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

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The following colors are all-encompassing and will blend seamlessly with any other colors you may already have in your wardrobe, which makes them quite practical.

Soft White

Not all color shades look fantastic in an optically pure white. If in doubt, it’s always best to use a softer white.

Opt for soft white instead of optical white if you feel it is a little bit too striking and overpowering for you.

It is extremely versatile in how it is worn. It’s just such a pretty neutral color that you can wear it with anything, from a simple t-shirt to a classic shirt to a lovely silk blouse.

Even a pair of classic linen trousers in soft white will look good on you. Even a pair of jeans, maybe.

Stone & Taupe

Most people undoubtedly classify taupe and stone as neutral colors.

These would be ideal for a classic trench coat, which is a must-have item in my personal capsule wardrobe, definitely in the spring and fall.

If you prefer something a little lighter during the chilly and dark winter months, a wool coat in one of these hues would be lovely.

However, a brushed wool scarf and matching cap would also be lovely options for these colors.


The color pewter is a blend of gray and brown. It’s a lovely substitute for black, especially if your coloring is paler and you feel that black tends to overwhelm you in general.

Pewter would definitely be a lovely safe option for you to make if you feel that black is wearing you rather than the other way around.

It has the same versatility as black. It simply suits most people and is very wearable.


Periwinkle is a lovely color of blue that you can wear as a pop of color in your outfit or to wear your entire body, perhaps in a dress for a special occasion or even a suit.

Additionally, this would make a lovely denim color.

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Periwinkle might be a wonderful choice for you if you like blue but are having problems deciding what shade of blue best suits you.


Another color that suits most people universally is purple. A little more interesting than blue is the color purple. Actually, it symbolizes sensibility and creativity.

It can nevertheless be worn in settings where it would be appropriate to dress a little more conservatively, such as in formal work settings,  at an office, for instance.

Just somewhat more sensible and sensitive than blue.

Emerald Green

When selecting green in general, and especially if you have a strong affinity for the color green, it is important to make a distinction between greens with a yellow undertone, such as lime green or apple green, and greens with a cooler tone, such as sea green.

Emerald green would undoubtedly be a terrific choice if you adore green but are unclear of what shade to choose because you find it to be so mysterious.

Since it is an all-encompassing color, it works for the majority of people.

Any item, including a sweater, shirt, dress, or perhaps just a few accessories, can use it to add a pop of color to your outfits.


Like emerald green, teal is a lovely color of green that brings your wardrobe new depth. This particular shade of green is definitely cooler.

Similar to emerald, it makes a lovely pop of color to any outfit. That could be something you wear close to your face, like a silk scarf, where it will truly make a great difference to you.

I also think this would be a stunning color to wear with a classic wool coat, a blazer, or an evening dress.

Blush Pink

This is a definitely vibrant color that you may utilize to inject into your ensembles more life.

Making sure that you pair it in tonal color combinations with minimal contrast is something you should keep in mind, especially if you are more of a soft color type or if you look better in blended color combinations.

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You may definitely utilize it as a pop of color to inject into your ensembles more life, as was already indicated.

However, there are no regulations in this situation. Instead of always going with the same neutral colors, it might be worth it if you come across a nice basic item in this color.

Try your hardest to reconsider the concept of picking neutral colors for your wardrobe.

True Red

True red is the last universal color I’d like to discuss with you. Many people believe that true red is a timeless and classic color.

People who don’t typically wear color often use red as an accent color in their wardrobe.

Red denotes energy and vigor, whereas blush pink is a little bit softer.

Red is a vibrant color that can be worn if you feel like you need a little bit of an energy boost to get you through the remainder of the week or if you feel like your mood needs a little bit of a boost.

This color can definitely be used as a technique to lift your spirits.

Red is a color that many people find to be extremely stimulating mentally, so I would be a little cautious about wearing it in settings where you would want to appear more calm.

Just something to consider when it comes to the color red.

There you have it. No matter what color type you may be, there are a few colors that are universal and will work for almost everyone.

I hope this article has inspired you to add more color to your wardrobe.

universal colors that suit everyone

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