What to Wear to Make Your Tummy Flatter?

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What to Wear to Make Your Tummy Flatter?

In this article, I discuss typical mistakes to avoid if you have a tummy and what to wear to make your tummy look flatter.

I would consider myself to be skinny overall, but my stomach is where most of my weight is carried.

Okay, so let’s jump right in.

What are the biggest mistakes you need to stop making?

Skinny Belt

I discovered the hard way that if you have a stomach, skinny belt might look terrible.

I once believed that wearing a skinny belt made sense for my size because I am short. Up until I realized how thin they actually are, making my stomach look even bigger.

A skinny belt will simply highlight your waistline if you have a stomach, which is something you generally want to avoid.

If the color of your skinny belt contrasts with what you’re wearing below, this situation is made considerably worse. Your stomach will become the focal point of your entire outfit as a result.

Do you have to get rid of every belt in your closet as a result?

No, there are solutions to make them function even if you have a tummy.

The first way is to wear a belt that matches the color of your undergarments. Without highlighting your stomach, this will give you a very slight definition of your waistline.

The best approach is actually the second one. My favorite way to wear a belt is with a buckle that is a different color than your clothing, but the belt is the same color as your clothing.

This is the best way to wear a belt to create the illusion of a smaller waist if you have a stomach.

Elastic Waist Band

Do you frequently reach for pants or jeans with an elastic waist if you have a tummy?

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I am aware that I am constantly guilty of doing this because these are meant to be the most comfortable.

Yes, they are because they are stretched, but the trouble is that they may also look frumpy and ruin your entire outfit.

The best pants for your stomach are ones with a high waist. They reach to the smallest portion of the torso. Additionally, a wider waist panel is a good idea.

The best way to conceal the tummy and define your waist is to do this.

Pants with elastic waistbands only on the sides are a nice alternative. You can’t even tell it has an elastic waist in the front. This has the best of both worlds because it is comfortable and stretchy yet doesn’t look like it has an elastic waist.

Pleats Done In The Wrong way

The next mistake is having pleats facing the wrong way.

This may surprise you, as it did me.

I tried many different types of pleated pants, and I was always perplexed as to why some of them looked good on me while others didn’t.

I found out it’s because the pleats are facing various directions!

It is not the most flattering if the pleats on your pleated pants are facing inward. In fact, they could accentuate your stomach’s size. This is because they create the volume in your stomach.

You should look for pleated pants with the pleats facing outward. This will create the illusion of a flatter stomach and make your tummy look to have vanished.

Clingy Silhouette

Avoid wearing anything that clings to your bottom if you have a tummy. I understand if this seems obvious to you. However, this is a fairly typical mistake made by women who are generally thin but do have a little tummy weight.

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This was my go-to silhouette 15 years ago.

The important thing is to avoid wearing anything tight. This isn’t flattering since it makes your tummy look larger than it is.

The same top can, however, be worn with a different bottom. When your top is tight, your bottom should be loose.

This will be much more accommodating, especially if you carry weight on your stomach, and it will balance out the volume in your silhouette.

Too Loose

This is the opposite of the too-tight mistake, but it’s also a big one for women who have extra weight around their stomach.

It is very tempting to reach for loosely fitted apparel because you undoubtedly feel self-conscious about your muffin top.

The problem with that is that if it’s loose-fitting, it’s very hard for them to look good on anyone, especially if you already have a stomach.

Although they could be able to conceal your stomach, these will probably make you look bigger than you are in general.

When you wear something that is so loosely fitted, it doesn’t show your shape at all, especially for a lot of women who are overall curvy, not only do they have a stomach, but they also have bigger boobs.

It really doesn’t suit your curves and simply makes you look bigger than you are.

How to ensure that you flaunt your curves without highlighting your stomach?

The best way is to wear in an a-line silhouette. Because the dress’s silhouette is narrower at the top and bigger at the bottom, you can wear a-line skirts or dresses.

This will naturally define your waist and create the illusion that your waist is smaller.

Bias Cut

Even if you are unfamiliar with the phrase, you have probably seen them. Bias cut dresses and skirts are really popular right now.

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The skirts and slip dresses frequently have bias cuts.

This means that since they are cut across, the purpose of this type of tailoring is to highlight each curve in your body.

For those of you who want to flaunt every inch of your body, this might be ideal, but for those of us who do have stomachs, it will simply draw attention to your stomach.

If you do have extra weight in your stomach, avoid wearing anything bias-cut.

Because any body shape can carry weight on their stomach, having a stomach does not necessarily imply that you are a specific body type.

But if your stomach is always the first place you gain weight, you might have an apple body shape.

An apple-shaped body will always put on weight first in their stomach. Despite being thin, they still have extra weight on their tummy.

Even when they put on weight elsewhere, people with the apple body shape always have thin legs.

If you think your body might be an apple shape, you should learn how to dress for your body shape.

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