How to Dress Narrow Shoulders

How to Dress Narrow Shoulders

Fit concerns are one of the most common challenges relating to women’s clothing, and they’re also one of the most frustrating.

You have all identified very specific problems with the fit of your clothing, and you are interested in learning how to solve those problems specifically.

Narrow, sloping shoulders are one of these issues.

That means that the distance that can be measured from the end of one shoulder to the end of the other shoulder is less than the distance that can be measured between your hips.


Let’s start by discussing necklines for shoulders that are narrow.

What you want to accomplish is to create the illusion that there is more volume across the shoulders.

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That means wearing necklines with a particularly wide scoop, like the bateau neckline. You have the option of wearing either a V or a scoop neckline.

If your shoulders are narrow, the off-the-shoulder, also known as the Bardot neckline, is a terrific choice for you. You can also do just one shoulder.

A slender V-neck or a halter neck are necklines you should stay away from if you have narrow shoulders. These will only draw attention to the fact that your shoulders are narrow. Likewise, a spaghetti strap, which strangely isn’t the best strap for people with broad shoulders as well.

Choose tops with straps that are closer to your neck and leave more of your shoulders exposed.

You wish to wear the Bardot neckline, which includes the wide V neckline, the off-the-shoulder neckline, and the one shoulder neckline. Wide shoulder straps can add the illusion of volume and work extremely well for narrow shoulders.

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Stripes & Sleeves

If you have narrow shoulders, a puff sleeve can be a really wonderful, dramatic, and beneficial addition to your wardrobe.

Stripes that are horizontal can create the illusion of volume. A lovely nautical shirt with horizontal stripes would be smart to wear if you have narrow shoulders.


You might also look for jackets that have shoulder pads sewn in, since this will add some volume to the top of the garment.

You might also look for lapels and collars that are wide, as this will help give the impression of more volume.


Making the smaller side look bigger and the bigger half look smaller is important when you are bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top.

You should use lighter colors, prints, and heavy textures on top. Do darker colors, fewer printing, smaller patterns, and little to no texture on the bottom as a contrast.

That’s another method through which you can achieve the balance you seek.

Generally speaking If your shoulders are narrow and sloped, a  looser-fitting top is preferable to a tight-fitting one because the latter will draw attention to the shoulders’ narrowness.

Layering your clothing is another useful tip for ladies who have narrow shoulders because it helps to add the illusion of more volume and weight on the upper half of the body.

You can wear cardigans, vests, blazers, or lightweight jackets. All of those will add the additional volume you require.

Things to Avoid

There are a few more things that you should stay away from.

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You probably don’t want to make a Dolman sleeve because there is no stitching at the armhole, which emphasizes the sloping shoulder. If you have narrow shoulders, you don’t want to have that genuine dome shape at the top.

As a Final Thought

In order to make your shoulders appear more balanced in relation to your hips if you do have narrow shoulders, you should dress in ways that make them appear longer or wider.

Your body will appear more balanced, giving you an hourglass figure, and your waist will appear smaller.

You can put on blouses, dresses, or blazers with padded shoulders or puffy sleeves to achieve this look.

I’m hoping these tips may be useful to women with narrow shoulders. I am aware that this can be really difficult. The nice thing is that it can be fixed to a large extent.

There are a ton of different styles of dresses, blouses, and shirts that all have fascinating shoulder details. There are many choices, including ruching and puff sleeves.

You just need to be a little bit more strategic, because you really don’t want to look like you have no shoulders, and you don’t want to look like you’re sort of bent over, and you don’t want to look like you’re incredibly small on top but really huge on the bottom.

Remember to keep all of these helpful tips in mind the next time you go shopping or the next time you are getting ready in the morning.

how to style narrow shoulders

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