Clothes That DON’T Look Good on Women

Clothes That DON'T Look Good on Women

I’m going to show you some clothing items, or clothing styles, that don’t look well on anyone in this article.

I’m sure a couple of folks look good in them 🙂

Of course, this isn’t intended to insult anyone, but I’m sure it will.

Whatever I or anyone else says, you should always wear what you want. It’s simply my personal opinion.

However, I believe you’ll agree with me on some of these points.

By the way, I did write an article about universally flattering apparel. Those are items that every woman on the earth needs since they look nice on everyone.

That article can be read later. On this page, there will be a link.

Cropped Jeans

Okay, let’s get started.

I mentioned the first one in another article, and I believe this is where folks got confused. Cropped jeans, particularly cropped flared jeans, I’m going to clarify.

I’m not referring to a pair of ankle length jeans or a pair of ankle length pants. That is not what I am referring to.

Almost everyone looks excellent in them.

I’m referring about the ones that come to a point approximately three inches below your knee. They snipped your calf at its widest point. Especially the ones that are flared.

On whom do they look good?

You look fine, but there are a number of things you could wear that would look far better on you. Alternatively, you may just look a lot better in general.

Clear Bra Straps

This next one brings back memories, but I do still see women wearing these.

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They serve a purpose, and it’s a good one, but they’re not flattering on anyone.

Clear bra straps are what I’m referring to.

I understand their purpose, and I used to be completely invested in this. You may be thinking to yourself, “I want to wear a bra, but I have to wear a strapless with this.” That implies I won’t be able to wear straps.

But if I buy clear straps, no one will be able to tell. They’ll find out!

We can all see the clear straps and understand what you’re attempting to do. It’s simply unattractive on everyone. Literally anybody.

I recommend either switching up your top or attempting to do a strapless bra.

Clear bra straps aren’t going to cut it.

Oversized Dresses

This is something I’ve addressed before in other posts, so if you’ve read any of them, you’re probably already aware of it, but I don’t think large dresses look nice on most women.

I say most women because I’ve seen them on some ladies who look pretty good in them. It’s just a very specific person with that very specific style.

But, on average, I’d say that out of a thousand ladies, only one looks beautiful in an oversized dress.

They don’t do anything! They either make you appear much larger than you are. They aren’t flattering to anyone.

If you want to conceal something, don’t wear an oversized dress. It’ll merely make whatever you’re trying to conceal look even bigger. You’re going to look like you’re expecting a child.

Socks With Sandals

This one is a fad that has been going on for a few years.

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I don’t get it. I do not understand. I will literally never be caught at all in this.

That’s how the socks look with the sandals.

What the hell is going on here?

Socks with Teva sandals or socks with Adidas slides, in particular.

Even on the runways, models walked down the runway wearing teva shoes and socks.

I understand it as a trend. Although it is pleasant and your toes are not cold, it does not look nice on anyone. Not even the stunning models strutting down the runway.

My elderly neighbor wears socks with his tevas for practical reasons only, not for any type of fashion statement. It actually suits him more than it does anyone else.

Colored Hair

The final fashion trend has nothing to do with clothes. This next one, I think you’ll all agree with me on, but I’m going to mention it anyway since I still see it, and it’s not that rare.

I’ll come across women who have colored their hair blue, purple, pink, or anything like.

However, when your hair grows out and you have roots, when your hair is blue and your roots are blonde or brown or something, and you only have blue on the end of your hair, it looks terrible.

I mean, it’s terrible!

I have a feeling someone is going to read this and have it on their head, and I’m sorry, but please do something about it. Simply re-dye it blue, make it completely blue, or chop it off.

Please don’t misunderstand this to mean that you can’t have roots with typical colored highlights.

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Did I leave anything out, and are there any more items that, in general, don’t look nice on any woman?

I’m confident there are. I could come up with a lot of things that don’t look good on most people, but these are the ones that I came up with that I believe no one looks good in. Maybe five people or something, but basically nobody looks good in.

Clothes That DON'T Look Good on Me


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