Minimalist Wardrobe Hacks

Minimalist Wardrobe Hacks

In this video, the speaker discusses various ways to maximize style with a minimalist wardrobe.

The video starts with the speaker acknowledging that the word “hack” may not be the best term to describe the tips she will be sharing, but it effectively conveys the message. She explains that a minimalist wardrobe can be just as stylish as a conventional wardrobe.

The speaker shares personal hacks that she uses to maximize her style while keeping her wardrobe minimal.

The first hack she discusses is the “BWGD Rule,” which stands for black, white, gray, and denim. She explains that these colors are her core essential pieces, and adding more specific, stylistic, or edgy pieces becomes easy with these colors as a foundation. This rule also allows her to maintain a timeless style and makes it easy to change up her style over time.

The second hack the speaker discusses is “go bold but small.” She explains that adding bold or edgy pieces in a small way can add a touch of spice to a minimalist outfit. The speaker suggests investing in core, classic, and timeless pieces and having fun by bringing in smaller, budget-friendly pieces that can easily be interchanged.

The third hack is “Forever in Blue Jeans.” The speaker explains that denim goes with everything and is timeless, flattering, and interchangeable, making it a quintessential minimalist piece to have in your wardrobe.

The fourth hack is “Ying and Yang,” where the speaker suggests balancing masculine and feminine styles in a wardrobe. She explains that alternating and balancing wardrobe pieces with both masculine and feminine styles adds diversity and allows for maximizing style within the pieces.

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Overall, the speaker shares tips and tricks that allow for a minimalist wardrobe to be stylish and versatile.


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