What Not To Wear to a Wedding? (10 Rules)

What Not To Wear to a Wedding?

Wedding guests are often unsure what to wear due to increasingly fewer fashion rules. While traditional gowns are still common, more brides are wearing elegant pants or jumpsuits, and grooms opting for pastel suits.

This means guests have more freedom to express their styles, but there are still rules to follow to be respectful of the couple and the ceremony.

Some rules are straightforward, such as not wearing white, while others require more outfit planning.

Avoiding colors that match the bridal party is recommended. Guests should avoid wearing sweatpants, jeans, and T-shirts, even at casual weddings.

It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Guests can ask for help from the wedding party if they are unsure of the dress code.

Pants are a great option, as long as they are dressy enough for the occasion. Covering shoulders is necessary for churches or more modest dress codes, while necklines should be considered family-friendly.

Following these fashion rules will ensure guests are comfortable and respectful at any wedding.

10 Wedding Fashion Rules

1. Avoid white, off-white, or pale blue. Try a neutral instead.
2. Don’t wear colors that match the bridal party unless stated otherwise. Opt for prints to avoid matching.
3. Avoid casual clothing such as sweats or jeans. It’s better to be overdressed. Reach out for help if you’re unsure of the dress code.
4. Don’t go too casual with pants. Dress up pants with a tailored look, such as a pant suit or a matching blazer.
5. Cover your shoulders if necessary.
6. Choose an appropriate neckline, and avoid showing too much cleavage.
7. Avoid going overboard. Prints and fun colors are an option, but do not take over the spotlight.
8. Skip super glitzy. Instead of over-the-top sequins, try ruffles, lace, or plissé.
9. Don’t go against the dress code. It’s better to keep it a little more low-key.
10. Skip the rips and holes.

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Source: Cosmopolitan – Here’s What NOT to Wear to a Wedding


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