Men’s Shoes That Are Out of Style

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Shoes That Are Out of Style

Here I’m talking about out-of-style men’s shoes, footwear that every man should avoid, and what shoes you should wear instead.

Square-toed Shoes

I’m going to make a polite request. Stop wearing shoes with square toes.

I’ve been trying to get guys to stop wearing square-toed shoes for years.

I understand that some of you have really broad feet and believe that square-toed shoes have a larger toe box. When comparing them side by side, however, this isn’t always the case.

Just take a peek around. You can locate some stylish rounded toe shoes that have been widened.

How about a pair of chiseled-toe shoes? Are they the same as square-toed shoes?

No, that is not the case.

The tip of square-toed shoes is around 2 inches wide. The 2-inch by 12-inch makes the shoes look quite square because they are just 12 inches long. On your feet, it just looks awful.

Chiseled-toe shoes, on the other hand, have half the width at the top, giving them a 1 to 12 ratio on average, which looks much better on the foot.

I’m simply talking about shoes here; when it comes to the toe shape of boots, different criteria apply.

Crocs & Running Shoes

Crocs aren’t anything I despise. I’m going to go outdoors to water the garden whenever I wake up, and I’m going to wear Crocs.

Running shoes are the same way. Wear go fasters when you’re working out or training.

The only issue I have with these shoes is when they are worn for purposes other than what they were designed for.

I understand. When you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt, you want something basic, uncomplicated, and something you can slide on your feet.

Consider wearing a pair of moccasins instead of Crocs. Brandy light brown moccasins are stunning. This will go with anything in your closet if you already wear brown shoes.

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Black moccasins are basic, clean, and easy to match if you’re a black shoe person.

Check out ocean blue if you’re feeling brave. This is a hue that I adore. What’s even better is that they’re extremely casual shoes. But if you wear it, you’ll get a lot of praises.

The use of suede is one of the things we see a lot of in this sort of shoe. Light brown suede will blend with a wide range of clothing in your closet. It has a much more relaxed, slightly more sophisticated vibe to it.

Check out gray if you’re a black-shoe man. Gray is one of my favorite colors because it not only goes with everything that black shoes do, but it’s also more casual.

Most of the outfits that you would wear with brown shoes will also work with gray suede.

If you prefer blue, try out a pair of denim moccasins, they’re stunning.

I have olive and navy moccasins that I adore.

Please don’t wear the running shoes if you want something more casual; instead, put on a pair of sneakers.

Single Monk Strap

This is becoming a little nitpicky, and you traditionalists will almost certainly disagree.

But, instead of wearing monk strap shoes, I recommend wearing double monk strap shoes.

What’s the difference between the two?

It’s all about proportion and comfort.

The buckles are just smaller and do not attract as much attention. You don’t see both of them if you wear your trousers a little longer. You’ve only seen one. Perhaps you’ll see the second one while walking.

It appears to me to be more proportionate.

Let’s discuss about comfort and fit.

Typically, you have more room in here, and we have a larger strap here than the single monk, which feels a little bit more tight.

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It’s a minor distinction, but it’s noticeable to me, and for that reason, I believe the double monk is the best option for most men.

Black Oxfords

I’m going to assume you have a pair of black Balmoral oxfords for this one.

Every man should have a pair when they’re starting out, in my opinion. Do you really need a second pair if you already have one? Should you invest in a pair of black Bluchers?

No, I don’t believe so.

In fact, if you just have black shoes, you should stop buying black and start looking for other colors. I’m not referring to the color brown. I’m referring to oxblood.


Because it will work in almost every occasion that black shoes will. It will go with all of your suits and make you look a lot better. People will comment on your shoes, and you will receive praise. This is simply lovely.

What options do you have if your Balmoral Oxfords are dark brown?

Why don’t you try a new look?

The Balmoral Oxford has a closed lacing mechanism for a traditional style. However, in the last ten years, a pair of entire cuts has become a modern classic.

Whole cuts have become considerably more prevalent, and I believe they look solid in a medium or dark brown.

If full cuts aren’t your thing but you still want to continue with the Balmoral Oxford style, consider a two-tone.

Many individuals believe that two-toned shoes have a great contrast. It doesn’t have to be like that.

A medium brown with a dark brown is an example of low contrast. I’m a big fan of brown shoes, therefore these are ideal for me. I’ll be able to wear them with a full suit. This is something I could wear to a job interview. It’s not going to be extravagant. It won’t shout for attention, but it will earn you compliments.

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Brown Bluchers

The iconic brown Blucher is next on the list. Named after the Prussian general who discovered that if my soldiers wear shoes, they can go from point A to point B much faster.

The point is that the back of the shoe has been put on the front, the vamp has been sewn on top of the quarter, and the quarter has been tossed on top of that. We have a lacing system that is open.

They are less expensive to produce because of the open lacing method. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t have fun.

You can get a pair of Bluchers with the back put on the front, but we’ve got suede as a contrast material. It looks great, especially if the broguing, or perforations in the leather, is present.

However, broguing like this may be a little excessive. There were too many perforations all over the place, and the shine was a little too harsh. If that’s the case, choose a simple medallion.

That’s when you’ve got a smidgeon of broguing just on the tip of your toe.

mens square toe shoes are out of style


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