Men’s Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes Review

I’ll explain why I like and dislike Tod’s Gommino driving shoes in this review.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to get out the loafers.

In this review, I’d like to talk the Tod’s Gommino driving shoe, which is one of the most classic loafers on the market.

Especially, whether or not these shoes are worth the money.

I ought to say that my relationship with the shoe is a little complex. I have two pairs of these shoes. I have a navy leather pair and a dark brown suede pair.

So, as someone who owns these and has worn them for many years, I can attest to the fact that they are really fashionable.

They are, in my opinion, the embodiment of casual elegance.

They are, nonetheless, extremely comfortable to wear, regardless of their appearance.

Men Tods Gommino Driving Shoes

Big Problem With Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes

So, what’s not to like about these loafers?

The main issue is that they wear with time. And that isn’t a bad thing in and of itself.

After all, shoes do wear out. My Tod’s loafers, on the other hand, appear to wear out much faster than any other pair of shoes I’ve ever had.

The point is, it’s not the entire shoe that wears out; rather, it’s a specific area on the heel that wears out, which strikes me as odd given that this is touted as a driving shoe.

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When you’re driving, your heel is constantly making contact with a floor mat and putting a lot of wear on it. That is visible on both of my pairs.

I’m going to be honest and say this sucks, especially when you’re talking about a $500 shoe.

We’re talking about this happening just a few months after purchasing these shoes. I’m not sure whether this is part of the shoe’s “allure,” but I’d like a shoe with substantially greater durability at that price point.

Are Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes Comfortable?

These shoes, on the other hand, are really comfortable. I drive a manual transmission automobile, and I have to say, driving in these shoes is fantastic.

You have a great feel for the clutch, which enhances the overall driving experience.

Is the comfort, however, worth the price?

You can probably guess which way I lean on this.

That would be a resounding no.

I’ve done a lot of research into the phenomena of Tod’s wearing out, and it’s important to realize that not all Gomminos are designed to be worn when walking.

The traditional Gommino, like the suede version I have with simply the nubs on the sole, isn’t designed to be used as a walking shoe. This is a traditional driver.

The other pair I have, the city Gommino, has a rubber sole, which makes it more suitable for wearing out and about.

In the end, I don’t think these are appropriate for everyday shoe. The heel, in particular, will see a lot of use.

However, if you’re talking about wearing them in a certain scenario, such as as a classy slipper substitute for wearing about the house or lounging around your resort on vacation, that’s a completely different thing.

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If you wear the shoe infrequently, you’ll get a lot more life out of it, and that’s probably what you should do.

Pick your battles if you really like the style and want a pair, but don’t wear them every day.

Is it Possible to Repair Them?

I did contact the Tod’s store to see what options there were for getting the shoes repaired, if any were available. They can be repaired, which is good news. The store actually suggested an outside shoe repair company that they frequently utilize.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tod’s shoes are not repaired in-house or by the company. If you encounter an issue with your shoes soon after purchase, they will assess whether or not to provide a warranty. And this is the method they use to figure it out.

So, in the case of the classic Gommino, if the sole gets worn or damaged, they will remove the pebbles and replace them with a rubber sole, effectively turning your regular Gommino into a city version.

You have two options if your heel is worn or damaged. They can either use rubber to wrap the heel. Giving it a thicker, more lasting layer.

Alternatively, they can replace the damaged or worn leather with a fresh piece of leather. So, in the case of the rubber addition, you effectively have the option of sacrificing some style for durability.

Just keep in mind that when the new piece of leather wears out, you’ll have to get them repaired again.

So here is the major question:

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Are Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes Worth The Price?

I believe it is clear where I stand on this issue.

This is a pricey shoe, costing roughly $500. And, no matter how comfortable they are, it’s hard to rationalize paying so much money on something that will wear out so quickly.

But, ultimately, this is a question you must answer for yourself, and I would suggest balancing a few factors.

First, there’s the price. Are you able to afford them?

Second, how frequently do you intend to wear them on? If it’s just a matter of circumstance, and you can afford it, you might be able to excuse it.

Finally, are you prepared to accept that they will eventually wear out and need to be repaired or discarded?

So, if you’ve worn Tod’s Gommino driving loafers before, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tod's Driving Shoes


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