How to Style & Wear Combat Boots (5 Ways)

How to Style Combat Boots

Here I’m talking about how to wear and style combat boots.

Maybe you’d like to feel a little more macho, maybe you’d like to be a little taller, or maybe you just want to look great.

Regardless, combat boots are ideal. They’re really fashionable. Even if you’re not the most edgy guy in the room, you can still rock a pair of combat boots in a variety of ways.

I’m going to show you five different ways you may wear them, from edgy to incredibly welcoming and casual.

In just a moment, I’ll get to that.

Before we get into all of that, let’s go over some background information.

The name, obviously, tells it all.

They’re supposed to resemble an outdated military-style boot that they would have worn in the past.

However, they’ve evolved into one of the most fashionable and flexible pieces in menswear.

Do’s and Don’ts of Combat Boots

Before we get started on the styling, there are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing combat boots.

The Do’s

You’re looking for something with a simple style. You want them to have very little additional details on them. Not even the cap toe. There’s nothing there except what you see, which is quite basic. That’s excellent.

If you’re just getting started with combat boots, they’ll always look best with denim and darker hues. Simple, basic styling is all that is required.

If you can afford it, purchase the greatest boot you can find because this type of boot will never go out of style. A higher-quality pair will just last you longer. The more you wear them, the more they’ll mold to your foot.


Do not wear them unlaced, with the laces flying everywhere and your pants tucked into the top of the boot. In the early 2000s, it was extremely popular. Don’t do it; it’s not a nice look.

Don’t lace them all the way up, but then tuck your jeans or whatever pants you’re wearing into the top of the boot to make it look like you’re wearing them in a true military style.

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That isn’t fashionable; it appears odd. Wear a cropped pair of pants or pull your pants up a little to reveal the entire boot, but don’t tuck them in if you want to show the entire boot.

Finally, don’t be scared to mix things up with some color. Despite the fact that they are black, they are traditional, clean, and can be worn with brighter colors in your clothes. Just have a good time with it.

Go for it if you feel good in it. If you want neutrals, that’s acceptable, but if you prefer color in your clothing, that’s also fine.

How to Style Combat Boots

You’re an expert on combat boots, with a thorough understanding of the dos and don’ts. Let’s have a look at how to style them now.

Look One

In look one, we’re going for a laid-back vibe. We only have a light wash denim jacket, thin dark denim, and a black graphic t-shirt.

A simple silver necklace can be layered over the top to add a little additional personality to the outfit.

This is a very traditional boot style. The look of denim on denim is fantastic. I like mixing the two distinct hues because it makes things more interesting and takes you away from the Canadian tuxedo image that denim on denim can sometimes give off.

It’s unpretentious and casual. If you wanted to dress it up, you could layer it with additional items.

My jeans were likewise cuffed to wrap around the top of the boot. To keep them particularly tight, I looped the lace around my ankle.

Look Two

Look two is monochromatic, using black, gray, and white.

The gray zip-up hoodie is worn over black slim-fit Chino pants. When you want to mix casual and a little more sophisticated, you could simply wear this outfit by itself with the clean white t-shirt, and it would be ideal.

During the winter, however, I’m a big admirer of layering, where you throw on an overcoat over the sweater and it makes this complete wonderful dark black vibe from the boots to the coat.

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At the hood, you get that small pop of gray. If you need to be extra warm and functional, you can obviously throw on the hood. But, aside from that, it’s just a very trendy but still extremely comfy look.

You can flip the bottom of your pant leg up one time with the boots, just a little bit there. And make sure they’re all laced in the same direction around the outside of the boot.

Very simple and comfortable.

Look Three

We’re going for a more approachable aesthetic with look three, with an outdoorsy vibe.

We’ve got a navy blue and gray flannel shirt, as well as some slim dark salvaged denim that’s been cuffed a couple of times.

When the weather starts to warm up in late winter and early spring, this is a great outfit to keep you warm while also looking stylish.

I buttoned it all the way up because I think it lends a little more formality to the outfit, as well as a little more style and individuality.

Maintain a cuffed sleeve. I appreciate the cuffs on the sleeves and the cuffs on the pants.

While the weather is still a little chilly, a fleece jacket can be worn to throw a really wonderful outdoorsy aesthetic that is both elegant and casual.

Cuff the pants right around the top of the boot, because I really like how it looks when it lands just around the top of the shoe, and it really adds to the overall aesthetic.

How to Style Combat Boots For Men

Look Four

White jeans may be worn in the fall, winter, and pretty much all year for this aesthetic.

I wore white jeans with a little touch of distressing and a gray narrow fit turtleneck to complete the look.

This is a terrific outfit to wear if you’re heading somewhere where you won’t need a coat and just want to be warm, stylish, and comfy.

With white jeans and boots, a great fitted sweater like this is perfect. Put on a black leather jacket if you need to be a little bit warmer and more stylish.

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It’s cool since the white pants wind up looking like a pop of color against the otherwise black blazer and sweater. And when you pair it with the boots, it just gives it a lovely round vibe that I really like.

The pants and shoes both have the same lacing style. This is how I prefer to lace my boots. Then I always cuff them because it looks so much better in my view.

Look Five

In this last look I wanted to show you guys that you can undoubtedly style combat boots in a more dressy way.

The monochrome style is one of my favorites. The purple indochino suit, purple eggplant sweater, and then, because of the way the suit is tailored, it fits perfectly over the top of the boot while yet remaining attractive and trendy.

A sliver of the gold necklace protrudes through the sweater. Except for the boots, I adore the fact that it’s all one color. It’s an old school style motion that I adore, and it just makes me feel so awesome. The gold watch also offers a pop of color.

I laced my boots one size higher, but I still wrapped them around my ankle since it keeps the tops of the boots so tight. And because my pants are tailored to fall precisely at the top of the boot, it works without looking too clumsy.

So there you have it, five different ways to wear black combat boots.

How to Wear Combat Boots


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