5 Winter Shoes Every Man Should Own

 Winter Shoes Every Man Should Own

In this article, I’m going to discuss the basic winter footwear options that you should consider wearing to keep your feet feeling warm and looking good.

Black Low Top Sneakers

I usually recommend wearing a pair of low top sneakers regardless of the weather. However, I would switch things up and go for a more seasonally suitable pair of sneakers like the black leather low top instead of the white leather low tops.

While white low tops are stylish year-round, a cool, sophisticated black sneaker may truly complement a darker attire during the colder months.

In the winter, I usually recommend going leather over other fabrics because it is not only sturdier but also much simpler to keep clean and looks great with a variety of various types of pants.

Despite being a considered a neutral color, black footwear has a heavier, less versatile look, and if not styled properly, it can undoubtedly weigh down the rest of your outfit.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you try to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and modest and stick to other neutral colors like black, gray, and white.

Although wearing your black sneakers with other colors can work good, my golden guideline is to stick to just one item in your selected bright color. Additionally, keep the rest of your clothing black to balance the dark shoes.

Lace-up Leather Boots

Next up is a pair of lace-up leather boots, which is a personal favorite of mine in my list of the best winter shoes for men ever.

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Winter is always going to be a much colder and wetter time of year unless you live in Florida or Southern California.

You’ll require a boot that can keep your feet warm and dry. However, the majority of guys believe that a pair of hiking boots will suffice till spring.

However, lace-up leather boots are tough, comfy, fashionable, and have a highly rugged, manly appearance.

Before choosing some kind of black or light brown option if this is your first pair, I strongly recommend going for a dark chocolate shade. A lot of various types of pants in your collection will look great with this particular color because it is so versatile.

Chukka Boots

The next item on my list is a pair of chukka boots. They go nicely with so many other winter staples, including wool pants and dark wash jeans, and look great on guys of all ages and body types.

Regarding the material, I often save my suede Chukka boots for the fall or spring, when the weather is less wettish or snowy.

If you live somewhere where it snows and showers during the winter, leather is a must-have. Sharp dark brown leather has a highly fashionable yet modest appearance and works incredibly well with both casual and smart casual ensembles.

But keep in mind that leather boots should all be treated and maintained with the proper products, especially before the winter season truly gets going.

In this manner, they won’t just look great; they’ll also last you for many years.

Chelsea Boots

The next option, a classic Chelsea boot, has got to be the most stylish of the group. Most people equate winter footwear with functionality.

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Due to its sleek profile and lace-free design, Chelsea boots unquestionably have the most upscale look of all the available types of boots.

Similar to the chukka boot, I’d recommend going a leather version over a suede one in the winter.

However, keep in mind that leather Chelsea boots have a very dressy look and ought to be saved for your more formal attire.

Dark brown or black are the colors I would recommend against wearing, as these can be more difficult to style, especially when worn with darker winter clothing.

When it comes to fashion, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your slim Chelsea boots will only look good with pants that taper from the knee to the ankle.

Unfortunately, this means that if you’re one of the bigger guys, you should stay away from this particular style of boot. Stick with pants with a straighter leg for men with larger builds. They might have a tiny taper, but that will never complement the sleeker, more streamlined Chelsea aesthetic.


It goes without saying that you won’t spend the entire winter outside. In fact, this time of year is when you’ll undoubtedly be spending more time indoors.

This takes me to the last item on my list, which is a good pair of slippers.

Because you can’t use slippers for any outdoor activities, many of you may believe that they are a menswear item you simply don’t need.

But if you’re one of the many guys who work from home, a well-made pair lined in soft shearling can truly make a significant difference in your daily life.

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I adore a good pair of mules, clogs, or even chic slip-on loafers like moccasins in a warm and neutral color, like brown or tan, when it comes to slippers that look good.

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