How to Wear White Sneakers (Men)

How to Wear White Sneakers

In this article, I’ll show you how to wear the white low top sneaker, which I’ve endorsed more than any other.

Let’s start with a couple of easy-to-put-together white sneaker styles.

White Sneaker Style 1

White Sneaker Style

The first outfit is courtesy of Ryan Reynolds, the king of laid-back men’s style, and consists of a plain white crewneck tee, slim sand colored chinos, and a great pair of sneakers.

Women adore this style because it is clean and classic. The absolute understanding of menswear fundamentals is what makes it truly work.

The crewneck top, for example, is a fantastic fit, and the pants feature a well-executed cuff that brings emphasis to the gleaming white sneakers.

Please also take note of the use of accessories in this case. Ryan, as can be seen, prefers the “less is more” approach, which is something I constantly advise when it comes to men’s accessories.

He’s wearing glasses and a simple watch, which give the outfit a personality touch.

Now, all of these individual parts work in unison to create a look that’s quite simple to recreate.

However, you should avoid wearing the driver’s hat if you want to reproduce this outfit.

It’s a highly unique piece of headwear that only Ryan can pull off.

White Sneaker Style 2

Next, we have an outfit that takes the basic elements of the previous look and tweaks them to make it a little more sexy and elegant.

The crewneck tee has been swapped with a dressier polo in a stylish black color at the top. The tan chinos have been replaced with a darker navy pair below.

Navy chinos and white sneakers are a perfect complement and a sturdy foundation for experimenting with the items on your upper half.

I really like the sunglasses because they bring a certain amount of cool to the outfit.

If I could make any changes, I’d cuff the chinos to show more of that ankle, and tuck the laces in to keep the sneakers looking extra clean.

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White Sneaker Style 3

A casual chore jacket is worn over a sweater, which is layered over a white shirt as seen peeking out underneath, and some lighter washings are shown down below for a third white sneaker outfit.

This is a beautiful spring-summer outfit that would be especially flattering if you have a little more weight in your belly.

Layering, contrary to popular thought, is a terrific technique to hide any additional weight you may be carrying. Wearing a jacket like this will conceal any bulges while also breaking up your body vertically for a slimming appearance.

All of these elements work together beautifully to produce a clean and simple design.

White Sneaker Style 4

Until now, w e spent the majority of our time talking about casual clothing. Now it’s time to show you how to style white sneakers for occasions that are a little more formal, a little more dressy casual.

First and foremost, we have the return of Ryan. Our go-to combination of white low tops and blue chinos is seen here, but with the addition of a striking suede jacket on top.

Suede jackets are growing in style among men’s fashionistas, and it’s easy to understand why.

It’s an item that instantly gives any outfit a luxurious and sophisticated vibe, and it delivers the impression that you know what you’re doing when it comes to style, even if you don’t.

It also doesn’t hurt that women find the buttery soft texture alluring. She’ll be battling the impulse to touch your arm if you put on a suede bomber or trucker jacket.

White Sneaker Style 5

You can see how I’ve taken the basics of the previous outfit and replaced the suede trucker jacket with a wonderfully timeless sports coat for our next fancy casual white sneaker look.

Guys, if you don’t have a good sports coat, you need to get one right away. It’s a timeless menswear piece that, regardless of age or body type, adds a seamless layer of sophistication to any outfit’s ensemble.

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See how it effortlessly elevates a white t-shirt and sneakers to create a style that’s not only sleek and stylish, but also relaxed in the nicest way.

White Sneaker Style 6

One of the most common inquiries I get as a professional stylist is whether or not I can wear white sneakers with a suit. And my answer is a resounding yes.

I used to be a little more strict about suits only being worn with dress shoes. But, as I’ve adopted a more casual style look, I’ve definitely softened my viewpoint.

A pair of simple white low tops can really bring a laid-back vibe to your more formal menswear pieces, which is something that more and more guys like to wear these days.

Please keep in mind, like with all of your outfits, that your sneakers must be kept clean in order for your ensemble to work.

Wearing dirty sneakers, like wearing white sinkers with white socks, is a terrible sin.

To begin, we have a traditional navy suit. The decision not to wear a tie works so well here, and when mixed with the white sneakers, it provides a stylish and sophisticated overall look.

Also, and this is especially crucial when wearing a suit with sneakers, the leg of the pants should always be tapered from the knees to the ankle to make your outfit proportional.

This outfit also serves as a master class in accessories. See how the simple addition of sunglasses and a watch with a leather strap elevates this look to new heights?

Guys, it’s all in the details.

Here’s a more colorful version of our last outfit, with a cool green shade replacing the blue.

Normally, when selecting a suit, I would suggest navy gray or charcoal. However, you have my permission to experiment with more casual lighter hues during the summer months.

When wearing a suit with white sneakers, I would go for a white shirt to better match the sneakers’ color.

We can see how the pants are elegantly tapered towards the bottom, and the lack of a break at the ankle gives us a stylish style that shouts summer, just like the prior outfit.

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White Sneaker Style 7

This is a more casual version of the suit and sneaker combo. A suit does not have to be worn with a dress shirt, as you can see.

In this scenario, a cool long-sleeve striped shirt worn inside the jacket has been substituted.

One of my favorite summer patterns to include into your wardrobe is nautical style stripes.

The watch, the cuffed suit pants, and the Ray-Ban style glasses, like with some of our earlier looks, are small accents that significantly boost the whole appearance.

The white pocket square also gives a pop of white to the outfit, which goes well with the stripes and sneakers.

White Sneaker Style 8

Our final outfit is a crisp and cool suit and sneaker combination that, when worn right, will undoubtedly catch the lady’s eye.

This is how formal attire for warm weather should be done.

Making the perfect outfit for a summer wedding or sophisticated social occasion by effortlessly merging a light-colored gray suit with casual sneakers and a crewneck top.

I enjoy how this effectively showcases the white low-top sneaker’s power and versatility.

How to Style White Sneakers


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