How to Get Oil Stain Out of Suede Shoes or Boots


How to Get Oil Stain Out of Suede Shoes or Boots

Here I’m going to discuss how to get an oil stain out of suede leather.

I’ll explain everything you’ll need and how to get it done.

Although it’s a relatively straightforward operation, you’ll need a few specialized tools.

In order to put your shoes or boots through the least amount of impact while removing the oil stain from the suede and making it look brand new, I’m going to describe what those tools are, where to buy them, and what order to do these things.

Tools You Need

Let’s start by talking about the tools and supplies you’ll need to clean oil out of suede leather.

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A suede eraser and a suede brush are the first two necessities. These two are available on Amazon in a pack. It does not cost very much at all.

Then you’ll need Saphir Omnidaim. It is a suede cleaner. You may get a version of this that includes a little applicator brush. It is also available on Amazon.

Finally, you’ll need Saphir Renovateur. This spray acts as a protection and is ideal for suede or nubuck.

You will condition your shoes or boots after cleaning them and after removing any oil stains from the suede to keep them looking new.

Use a Suede Brush

Take out your suede brush, and the first and most fundamental thing you’re going to do is brush in one direction.

Don’t be concerned about the oil stain for the time being. Examine how much the restoration did that and how much the oil stain was removed by brushing the entire shoe or boot. The oil won’t be eliminated by doing that.

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Giving suede a good brush in one direction is the first step in caring for it. That will raise all the nap, and that will be your canvas.

Use a Suede Eraser

You’re going to use your suede eraser in step two. This is a crucial tool for caring for suede.

You’ll find out how much oil you can remove with the suede eraser. It will remove a portion of it and make it significantly lighter. However, this won’t do the work completely.

Your actions are exactly like a pencil eraser. You simply rub in a circular motion along the stain with your suede eraser in back and forth motions. You continue doing that for ten seconds.

Brush that away with your suede brush once more.

That is all that is required for some suede boots and shoes to recover any of the leather. They would resume looking good after doing it.

So do the eraser and brush three times and see where the stain is at. If it still appears to be a large, dark mark, we proceed to the next phase.

Apply Omnidaim

Using Omnidaim is the next step. This soap is made of suede nubuck. A tiny bit should be added to a bowl of warm water. Four parts warm water and one part of this soap are my typical ingredients.

Use your brush to thoroughly combine the two, and then apply it to the affected area. Simply move your brush back and forth.

The suds will start to appear.

What you’re going to do is remove the stain out using soap, just like you would with clothing.

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Remove any extra suds with the suede brush.

Let that sit. It will take around 6 hours for this to sit and dry. After roughly 6 hours, you should be able to see how that stain looks.

Condition the Suede

Use the Saphir Renovateur spray to condition the leather so that it looks as good as new once the suede has dried and the stain has been removed.

We will need to replace the oils and other elements that we removed from the suede when we soaked it in order to condition the leather, keep it supple, and prevent rips and cracks.

It’s a really simple process that you’re going to perform. You take the lid off, give it a little shake, then take your boot or shoe and hold it out at  a little distance. Then, you’re going to quickly apply small bursts of spray to the entire shoe or boot.

And that is how suede is condition. That is exactly how you remove oil stains from suede.

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