10 Important Men Style Tips (Fashion Advice)

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Men Style Tips (Fashion Advice)

In this video, a fashion enthusiast shares tips on how to improve one’s style.

He first explains that there isn’t one singular way that clothes should fit and that people should experiment with different silhouettes of clothes.

He talks about five things that men should avoid doing when it comes to style, such as not thinking that there is one singular way that clothes should fit, not buying things in every color, not buying into every trend, not buying something just because it’s a bargain, and not keeping clothing that doesn’t suit you.

He then shares five things that men should do, such as investing in good quality basics, tailoring your clothes to fit you properly, incorporating accessories to elevate your look, taking care of your clothes properly, and being confident in your style choices.

Throughout the video, he emphasizes the importance of being intentional with your style choices, experimenting with different silhouettes and trends, and regularly checking in with your wardrobe to declutter and only keep what you truly love and wear.

He also discusses the environmental impact of the fashion industry and encourages viewers to either sell, give away, or donate clothing that they no longer wear instead of throwing it away.

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