How to Dress Better For Men (5 Simple Tips)

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how to dress better men

You’re reading this post, therefore you’re already concerned about your look. To be honest, that puts you ahead of most men.

However, I believe we can go a little bit further.

I’m going to share with you a few basic techniques that I’ve picked up over the years to help you look and feel better.

Many of them do not necessitate the purchase of new items. It’s something you can use right now.

This article has nothing to do with high fashion or trends. This is really a matter of basic aesthetic enhancements that will endure the test of time.

Let’s speak about some easy strategies to improve your wardrobe and dress better.

Wear Fewer Colors

The first piece of advice is to wear fewer colors.

Choosing colors to wear is one of the most difficult aspects of dressing correctly. It becomes significantly more difficult when you start blending colors.

It’s all too easy to make a mistake here.

When you choose the wrong colors and color combinations, you might ruin an otherwise attractive outfit.

Wearing fewer colors is the solution.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t wear any color. I’m suggesting that you wear fewer colors at once.

A one-color neutral suit is a nice place to start.

Navy, tan, brown, khaki, light and dark denim, charcoal, and grey are examples of neutrals.

You’ll be OK even if your entire wardrobe is made up of these neutral tones because they all look well together.

However, you’d like to add some color.

Start with simple hues like burgundy, olive, and various tones of blue.

Less saturated, less bright colors will be easier to work with in general. If you wish to wear pink, a pale, almost faded pink will be simpler to wear than a vibrant, bright pink.

Yellow, red, blue, purple, and orange all follow the same idea.

When mixing more than one color in the same outfit for the first time, try to stick with similar colors. Blue and green, for example, are hues that are close to each other on the color wheel.

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When in doubt, simply change your look by subtracting rather than adding color. It’s usually a good idea to start there. A neutral suit with one pop of color is always a winner.

Add a New Accessory

The second suggestion to dress better is to add a new accessory.

Accessorizing is the simplest method to inject personality and life into an otherwise plain and boring clothing.

They’re fantastic because they don’t cost a lot of money. One accessory can be worn with a variety of outfits every day.

It’s an excellent place to start if you’ve never worn a wrist watch before. It’s a useful piece of equipment. Once you start wearing one, you’ll find it really useful. You’ll grow accustomed to seeing the time and, on rare occasions, the date on your wrist.

They go with any attire, from the most casual to the most formal.

Try a bracelet if you already wear a watch. The bracelet is another very easy accessory for guys.

If you wear a watch on one wrist and a bracelet on the other, it may feel strange the first few of times you wear it. A simple metal cuff or a rope chain, for example.

You can wear a scarf in the cold. I felt a little strange the first few times I wore a scarf. But now, if it’s cold outdoors, I don’t leave the house without one.

A scarf, particularly one in a neutral color such as wool or cotton, is a great winter accessory. There are a plethora of styles to choose from.

You can never go wrong with a hat, whether it’s a classic dad cap or a flamboyant style. There are numerous options available.

Add a Collar

The third tip is to wear a collar.

We live in an increasingly casual world and there’s nothing wrong with that. In jeans and a T-shirt, you can look fantastic. However, as more and more guys are adopting ultra-casual appearances, you can stand out by upping the formality a notch.

Adding a collar is one way to do this. A polo should be worn instead of a t-shirt. Wear a casual button-up shirt untucked instead of a Henley shirt. Wear a long-sleeve polo instead of a crewneck sweatshirt.

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These styles are just as easy to wear as t-shirts, and you’ll be no less comfy as a result.

Sure, you may feel a little overdressed at times, but it’s better to be little overdressed than underdressed.

If you’re heading to a party with your buddies, dress it up a little more formally by wearing a collar.

How to Dress Better Men

Nail Your Socks

The fourth tip to dress better is to make sure your socks are in good shape.

I understand what you’re thinking. Is it really that important what kind of socks you put on?


The wrong socks will detract from an otherwise stylish ensemble, while the perfect socks will give you that extra edge that will make you appear as if you put some thought into your wardrobe and know what you’re doing.

Almost everyone looks down your shoes when they first meet you or greet you. They’ll probably notice your socks as well because they’re gazing at your shoes.

So why not get them correctly the first time?

It’s simple to choose the proper socks.

To begin, stay away from novelty socks. Fun socks are like the bumper stickers of menswear. They’re cheesy.

You’d rather wear solid colors or designs that aren’t too complicated.

You should select colors that complement your pants and shoes, and you can use your socks to serve as a transition between your pants and shoes.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a hue that blends the two together.

For example, if you’re wearing dark pants and light shoes, medium-colored socks will look great.

For example, medium grey or light grey socks will look wonderful with dark grey pants and white shoes.

You’ll look a lot better than, say, black socks, which stand out and unnecessarily break up my clothing.

That kind of contrast will be minimized with the correct socks.

You might also wear socks that complement your outfit’s colors. So, if you’re wearing a navy suit, dark burgundy socks will blend well with it.

Find a Tailor

The fifth and final piece of advice is to seek out a tailor.

Do you know why most celebs on the red carpet look so good?

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It isn’t due to the fact that their clothing is pricey. It isn’t due to the fact that they have a stylist.

It’s because their clothes have been customized to fit them perfectly.

So you don’t have to spend more money on apparel to appear wealthy. I wouldn’t buy anything new, in fact. That money would be better spent on basic modifications to make your garments fit better.

Getting my clothes adjusted is something I enjoy doing a lot. Almost everything I wear is custom-made for me.

From the hems of the pants to the cuffs of the sleeves, everything has been shortened. That’s because, being a smaller man, most off-the-rack clothing doesn’t fit me.

Out of necessity, I began having my clothes altered. When I say that this style hack altered my life, I’m not kidding.

I genuinely want you to understand how powerful tailoring can be.

When compared to buying new or custom clothing, it’s incredibly simple and inexpensive.

I dare you to take one thing to a local tailor and simply try it on. Take jeans that are too long, get them hammed. Get a shirt that is too big and get it tailored. It takes only a few minutes.

You’ll get addicted to the magic of the perfect fit once you’ve experienced it.

The number one secret of well-dressed men and professional stylists is tailoring.

Just go ahead and do it.

I hope you found this post useful in helping you dress better and feel great.

how to dress better for guys

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