Men Style Over 30 (11 Menswear Items to Avoid)

Men Style Over 30

This video discusses 11 fashion items that men over 30 should avoid wearing.

The first category is shorts, specifically cargo shorts, basketball shorts, short shorts, and jorts, which are considered inappropriate for men over 30.

Biker jackets are recommended to be retired in favor of more subtle options like bomber jackets or trucker jackets.

Gaudy and bulky sports watches are discouraged, and a simple wristwatch with a leather or metal strap is suggested.

Box buckle belts and ratchet belts are criticized, and a more stylish and understated belt is recommended.

Athletic socks paired with sneakers and shorts are considered unappealing, and no-show socks are suggested instead.

Baggy jeans are advised against, and well-fitted jeans are recommended.

Socks with sandals are deemed unattractive, and tucking in dress shirts is encouraged.

Wrap-around sports sunglasses are criticized, and classic brown frames with slightly rounded lenses are suggested.

Outdated earrings and excessive bracelets are discouraged, while simple chain bracelets or metal cuffs are considered appropriate.


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