How To Dress Like A Male Model

How To Dress Like A Male Model

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In this video, Brett Maverick, a former model, shares his insights and tips on how to dress like a male model. He explains that male models have a certain vibe that sets them apart from regular people, and he wants to share his knowledge on how to achieve that look.

Brett specifies that he will focus on how to dress and style yourself to look like an off-duty model, someone who’s casually dressed walking from casting to casting or just chilling with that casual swag to them. He emphasizes that this is not how to dress for a runway or editorial shoot, which can be very wild and not suited for day-to-day life.

He acknowledges that style is limitless and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to male model fashion. He mentions some male models who have their own unique styles, such as Jordan Barrett, who rocks more of a heroine chic look, or Sean O’Pry, who rocks a classic James Dean model-esque look.

Brett goes on to list some absolute don’ts when it comes to male model style. For example, he advises against wearing bright, vivid colors, cheesy graphic tees, and cheap fast fashion. He also stresses the importance of wearing briefs instead of boxers, as this gives a more sexy, sleek, and non-clunky look.

He explains that the whole idea is to show a methodical carelessness, which he describes as sprezzatura. He says that sprezzatura is a certain nonchalance that conceals all art and makes whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it. This, according to Brett, is the whole vibe and swag of male model style.

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Finally, Brett encourages viewers to enter their chosen style with the mindset that it just happened, as if they threw on their outfit in a rush and it just worked out perfectly. He says that some of the best and coolest outfits are those that are thrown together without too much thought, and he encourages viewers to embrace that mindset when trying to achieve the male model look.

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