Finding Aesthetic Clothes For Men

Aesthetic Clothes For Men

This video provides viewers with a three-step guide on finding aesthetic clothing for men. The speaker emphasizes the impact that clothing choices can have on one’s appearance and encourages finding quality clothes that align with personal style preferences.

In Step 1, the speaker suggests using Pinterest to discover one’s unique style. By searching for “men’s clothing styles” on Pinterest, users can explore various outfit ideas and categories. The algorithm of Pinterest helps users find styles that suit their preferences. The speaker advises saving favorite outfits and categories, as this will tailor future recommendations on Pinterest.

Step 2 focuses on taking accurate measurements. This is particularly important for online shopping. After taking measurements, the speaker suggests keeping them nearby for reference when comparing them to size charts on product pages.

Step 3 involves building a wardrobe with basics and statement pieces. The basics include t-shirts, long sleeves, jeans, pants, and socks. The speaker recommends stores like Uniqlo, Everlane, and Zara for high-quality basics.

While acknowledging some criticisms of Zara as fast fashion, the speaker defends its quality based on personal experience. Online shopping is also mentioned as a convenient option.

For statement pieces, the speaker advises referring back to the saved outfits on Pinterest to identify suitable brands. The speaker mentions Coolfandy and Parijon as personal go-to brands for their preferred styles.

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The video shares additional tips for finding good deals. Viewers are encouraged to visit the subreddit “Male Frugal Fashion” to receive notifications about flash sales. Another suggestion is to add desired items to the online shopping cart and wait for a sale before making a purchase. This way, one can secure the items at a discounted price.

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Aesthetic Clothes Men

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