How to Wear T-Shirts (9 Tips)

how to wear t-shirts

I’m going to discuss how to wear t-shirts in this article.

I’ll teach you 9 tips in particular so that you can look terrific every time you put on a t-shirt.

However, keep in mind that t-shirts are not suitable for all males.

It’s a tendency that I believe has gone a little too far. When you look at a lot of guys’ closets, you’ll see that they just have t-shirts.

Polos, button-downs, and sports jackets are just a few of the options for covering your upper torso while still looking stylish.

However, I know a lot of males who wish to wear them, especially in hot weather and in places where t-shirts are common.

This post is for those guys who want to appear good even when they’re just wearing a tee.

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Wear When Appropriate

Wearing a t-shirt when it’s appropriate is the first tip for looking fantastic in one.

T-shirts are always comfortable. It makes no difference if you spent $100 on that t-shirt or if it’s the most beautiful t-shirt in the world. It makes no difference if it looks well on you.

If you wear it to the incorrect occasion, to an event where there is a dress code, such as a wedding, where everyone will be wearing suits and sports jackets, it will be considered inappropriate.

And you’re wearing that awesome t-shirt. Guys, guess what?

You’ll appear like an idiot since you’re not treating the bride and groom with respect and aren’t dressed appropriately.

That is crucial.

If you’re in Vegas and want to go out to the clubs at night, you’ll probably want to avoid wearing a t-shirt. Many of these clubs have a stricter dress code, and you will be turned away.

You may wear a t-shirt almost anywhere. Looking around town casually, if you’re going to see the sights in Washington in the summer, a t-shirt might be a good choice.

However, pay attention and make certain that it is appropriate to wear.

Proper Body

The second tip is to make sure you have the right body for it.

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Recognize that a t-shirt isn’t going to help you. A t-shirt will not hide additional weight around the midsection or make your arms appear larger if you have really thin arms.

Understand that certain body shapes will not look well in a t-shirt.

You can probably pull off a t-shirt if you take care of yourself, go to the gym, are youthful, in fantastic shape, and have a chest that is larger than your midsection.

I’m a slim guy with a slim build. I work out at the gym and run. As a result, I’ll be able to wear a t-shirt. But I’m still a skinny dude. It doesn’t suit me as well as a button-up shirt or a sports jacket.

I don’t think this delivers the message I want for my business, but I think I can pull it off.

Nail The Fit

On a t-shirt, you don’t want to make any modifications. Make certain that whatever you buy fits you properly.

These are the most important aspects to consider.

Examine the shoulders. Ensure that the shoulder point corresponds to your own. If it starts to run down your arm, you’re wearing a t-shirt that’s too big for you.

Look in the area of the chest. You should have anywhere from a half-inch to two-inch of space.

If you’re a big guy who likes it a little loose, you can go up to two inches. If you’re a petite guy, though, you don’t want two inches; you want half an inch, since you want this to fit your physique and look amazing.

The drop is one of the problems with t-shirts. It’s a straight drop for many of them, but for those of you who look terrific in a t-shirt, you want to make sure the chest is a little bit bigger than the waist, so it’s got that V shape right there.

One of the most important aspects of wearing a t-shirt well is to avoid having six inches of surplus fabric in and around the waist. Depending on how you like it, maybe half an inch and a half to two inches around the waist area.

Sleeve Length

You’ll want to double-check that you understand the rule of thirds. I like it when you get about a third of the way up your shoulder and two-thirds of the way down to your elbow.

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It’s fine if it suddenly comes to a halt at the midway mark. You should be cautious if it extends past the halfway point, closer to the elbow. I’ve seen that on a few shirts, but I don’t believe it looks particularly good on most males.

Shirt’s Length

When I extend my arms above my head, it should not reveal my abdomen, belly button, or anything else of the sort. This is a perfect fit.

You also don’t want the shirt to go any lower than your crotch.

I also prefer to have a slight restriction stretch around my hips to keep it in place.

How to Wear T-Shirts


On a crew neck shirt, make sure it fits snugly around the neck and has some elastic in the back so it always returns to its original shape.

V-necks are one of my favorite styles. A V-neck will give it a beautiful manly shape, especially if a man takes care of his upper body and has a nice frame.

Just stay away from those super deep V-necks; they’re not going to look well on any male.


Make certain you purchase the appropriate fabric. Understand the history of t-shirts. They emerge from underwear. Undershirts are often thin and transparent.

Make certain that your t-shirt isn’t see-through. That is an undershirt, not a t-shirt, and you should not wear it as an outer garment.

Can you see through a t-shirt if you hold it up to the light? You shouldn’t be able to see through a deeper colored t-shirt, and you shouldn’t be able to see the light in the background.

When it comes to white shirts, you want to make sure they’re a little heavier. Cotton is a fantastic material.

You’ll find jersey weaves, which are weaves that bounce back but are still tight enough to prevent light from passing through easily.

Cotton, in various weaves, will be fantastic. If you decide with a synthetic or performance fabric, be sure it doesn’t look too casual.

Many of them are sport shirt designs, which are designed to be worn in the gym rather than with jeans or chinos, which may appear to be an overly casual combination.

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Although it will be in one of the more casual ones, white is a timeless color.

Darker colored tees appeal to me. I feel that if you have a little bit of weight around your midsection, they’re more forgiving, and it produces a monochromatic effect, so you can go with the gray, which is non-color and will go with pretty much any pair of pants, chinos, or jeans.

You may also go with a dark blue and navy color scheme, which will look fantastic.

However, if you’re a younger man, you’ll want to wear something with a brighter color in the summer.

There are maroons, dark greens, and a plethora of other colors to choose from, but I prefer to stick to solid colors and avoid graphic shirts.

I prefer to wear something that is absolutely beautiful and can be dressed up or down.


That brings me to my final recommendation, number five: dress up the shirt.

What exactly do I mean?

I mean, take a look at everything you’ll be wearing in this ensemble and make sure that it’s a step up.

Let’s begin with your shoes. As a basis, a lovely pair of dress boots will look fantastic.

Then we’ll move up, and you should bring in a dark pair of denim. If you like a lighter tint, choose a pair of khaki-colored canvas chinos.

So, you’ve got a t-shirt, a decent pair of sunglasses, a nice watch, possibly a bracelet, and your hair is in good shape. Take care of your appearance.

It’s all part of the ensemble. And that’s how you make a t-shirt seem fantastic.

how to style t-shirts

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