Look Good in Your T-shirt With These 5 Styles

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Look Good in Your T-shirt

Here are my top five recommendations on how a guy can wear a t-shirt this summer to look good and stay cool.

Style 1

First up is one of my go-to summer outfits, which consists of a crew neck t-shirt paired with dress pants.

One of my favorite modern style strategies is mixing casual and dressier items, and I love how this pairing has a chic yet laid-back appearance that truly captures the best of both worlds.

The fit here is crucial for both the pants and the t-shirt, which is the first thing to bear in mind.

The pants should be fitted to your particular body shape, while the t-shirt should loosely hug your torso.

However, let me hit you with a small caveat before you dash to your wardrobe to try out this outfit.

I’m referring to the idea of pairing a t-shirt and a suit. Your upper body is not covered by a suit jacket, thus your torso is somewhat visible.

This basically indicates that if you’re a little self-conscious about your figure, you should probably avoid wearing this particular outfit. It’s a look that actually works better on males that are more athletic and leaner.

However, this does not imply that you should wear a t-shirt that is too tight.

When it comes to footwear, if you want to match the t-casual shirt’s vibe, wear a pair of plain white sneakers.

However, if you’re going for a dressier look, don’t be afraid to choose a slip-on loafer, such as a classy leather penny loafer.

The choice really is up to you

Style 2

Next, we have a chic summer outfit that is quite simple to throw together. A fitted crewneck t-shirt paired with your favorite pair of chinos is a foolproof outfit combination.

You should have numerous colors of both crew neck tees and chinos in your year-round wardrobe.

They are two of the most versatile items a guy can own, which explains why.

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Together, they have such a paired-back yet fashionable look that works in so many various contexts.

You really can’t go wrong by sticking with the neutral colors when it comes to combining t-shirts and chinos. White, black, heather gray, and navy crew neck t-shirts are essential for every man’s wardrobe. A pair of chinos in navy, tan, and possibly charcoal or olive green would also be appropriate.

Personally, I adore it when men wear light and dark colors with their t-shirts, chinos, and shoes.

You may choose to wear a white t-shirt, navy chinos, and white sneakers, for instance. Alternately, wear it down by donning a navy t-shirt, tan chinos, and some dark loafers.

Additionally, t-shirts with nautical stripes can look great here, especially when paired with a pair of navy chinos and a pair of white sneakers.

The fact that the crew neck and chino look can be the basis for so many various output combinations is another thing I love about it.

Sincerely, depending on the other pieces you choose to wear it with, such as blazers, trucker jackets, bombers, loafers, lace-up boots, cardigans, and more, this outfit may be effortlessly dressed up or down.

One more expert styling advice.

Throw a belt, and tuck your t-shirt into your chinos using the half French tuck technique. It’s one of my favorite moves a guy may use to make some extra style points to his outfit.

Style 3

The next outfit on my list is a relaxed ensemble with layers that is ideal for summer evenings when it starts to feel a little chilly.

It’s comprised of a crew neck t-shirt worn under an untucked casual button-down shirt paired with a pair of chinos or jeans.

When it comes to layering something over a t-shirt, a casual button-down is perfect.

Although I always like to suggest a great Oxford, you may also choose from other options like a chambray shirt, a shirt jacket, or even a throwback 90s-inspired checkered flannel, which is currently a very fashionable look.

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You simply can’t go wrong with a traditional white t-shirt as your top of choice. It’s a really versatile and functional base layer, and the addition of white makes any top you choose to wear on top of it sparkle when paired with a shirt or well-fitting dark jeans or chinos.

The time of year and the social situation should actually determine what you wear on your lower half.

Choose a lighter lower half, such as a pair of light wash jeans with some white sneakers or a slip-on shoe, if the summer is warm and you want a more casual look.

Instead, wear some darker pants like dark wash jeans or navy chinos and a pair of dress shoes or boots if it’s winter or you want to look more dressy overall.

Style 4

Speaking of layering, my next favorite outfit substitutes a thicker jacket for the shirt.

A cool jacket worn over a crisp white t-shirt has a combination of giving off the ideal amount of laid-back feeling you’re going for. When it comes to jackets, you have a plethora of choices.

If you’re hesitant, a chic bomber jacket in a subdued shade like navy is always my go-to choice. This is such a versatile and functional piece of clothing, and it works great layered over a t-shirt.

In addition, you have a lot of additional items in your year-round wardrobe.

Another choice I really like is a tour jacket, which, when picked in a lighter shade, beautifully complements the crew neck tee’s casual, laid-back vibe.

As an alternative, you could always choose the suede trucker jacket, which is the must-have piece of 2022 menswear for Hollywood movie stars.

Speaking of trucker jackets, you really can’t go wrong by pairing your crewneck shirt with a tough and macho denim jacket for a more traditional and classic look. Just make sure the fit is perfect and wear what pants you pair them with.

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Style 5

Remember that I mentioned combining more casual and formal pieces is one of the most stylish items a man can do.

My final outfit blends a blazer, one of the most formal items a guy may wear, with a casual plain t-shirt.

This particular look is one that I love.

The perfect way to dress up a t-shirt or dress down a blazer, it’s stylish, easy, and versatile.

Some may find this specific combination to be a little contentious, but worry not—there are some guidelines you can adhere to to make sure you don’t look unattractive.

A simple or potentially striped crewneck t-shirt is the one outfit on this list that you should absolutely choose.

Any sort of logos or designs are simply too casual for this particular outfit, and a v-neck will ruin the entire look.

Last but not least, your choice of pants is crucial.

Remember that this is not a formal outfit, therefore you should stay away from wearing it with wool or suit pants.

If you want to go for a truly summery look, you could always try a lighter color chino, but I’d advise keeping with darker colored pants like dark wash jeans.

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