9 Best Men’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

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Best Men's Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Here I’m going to discuss the best long sleeve polos for men in what I would call a sophisticated casual look.

It works wonderfully in the spring, but it’s also great for the fall. Although you may wear them throughout the winter, I believe this is a great look for those in-between seasons when you still want to look put together.

It does have a collar, and you have the choice of either rolling up the sleeves for a nice outside look or just wearing that nice long sleeve look all day.

I’m going to start by discussing some of my top recommendations, after which I’ll talk some recommendations that are a little bit extra picks, and then I’ll talk some recommendations that are extremely extra picks.

Top Picks for Entry Level

Land’s End

Land's End polo

To start, I’m going to go with something that’s a little bit unusual, and that option is going to be Land’s End.

There is a supima cotton long-sleeve polo available for $45 at Land’s End. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors and is quite comfortable.

I own one of their polos in the regular size; it is made of great cotton and is reasonably priced. Land’s End is going to be a fantastic beginning point if you’re looking for one.



After that, I’ll go in the opposite direction to Bonobos. They offer a sweater polo with an awesome pattern and amazing colors.

Once more, this is going to be fantastic for those transitional times. It will keep you a little bit warm, but it also has a really nice, sophisticated style.

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Each item of clothing designed by Bonobo has a pretty excellent fit profile and is made of a blend of cotton, linen, and polyester. Consequently, that would be a great item to explore next.



After that, we’re going to Birdwell. It is one of those companies that many people don’t know about.

I absolutely love the terry polo that they sell. This is a great entrance point if you can’t afford the really expensive one I’ll talk about. It costs $90 and is produced in the USA.

The terry long sleeve polo from Birdwell is great if you want a great spring look. Get the terry polo if you want to look great in the spring and summer, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing terry in the fall or winter.

With Logo


Lacoste long sleeve polo

Lacoste, needless to say, provides us with the polo shirts with long sleeves that have logos and other forms of branding.

Numerous colors are available in Lacoste’s long sleeve polo. Both Amazon and the Lacoste website sell those items.

If the logo serves as a significant status symbol for you, that will be the one since it is located directly on the chest.

When we talk about status chest symbols, we should mention that with these polos, you truly have the option of choosing not only the color of the polo, but also the color of the logo.

There are options available if you like a stronger contrast or lesser contrast. The prices are reasonable as well. These ones will be on par with an excellent polo if you’re comparing them to a Pk cotton version.

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Next Level Long Sleeve Polos

In the area that I’m going to refer to as “next level,” you’ll find polos that are either made of technical fabrics, luxury fabrics, or are just incredibly expensive.


Rhone delta pique long sleeve polo

I’m going to start with Rhone with this one. It actually sells a Pk long sleeve cotton polo for $98 but also offers a long sleeve merino wool polo.

Therefore, I believe this is a very great alternative if you’re looking for a performance technical fabric since you’ll be wearing it outside or if you want something that would be appropriate for hiking or another outdoor activity.

Merino wool costs a little bit more, but Rhone prices are always of great quality. Sometimes, the designs are a little more extreme, but if you prefer that one, go for it.


Criquet long sleeve polo shirt

The next brand is Criquet shirts, which is among my top choices for polos in general. I love the material they use. All of their clothes is made of incredibly soft pima cotton, and the colors are beautiful.

In their long sleeve, this one appears to be made of a heavier weight fabric; it almost resembles an overshirt.

I love their placket design, which is somewhat more prominent and heavier in weight. The result is a popover-like appearance.

Criquet polo shirts are a fantastic option, but they come at a price. They are made of a super-soft, wonderful cotton that looks great and washes well.


Faherty long sleeve polo shirt

The long sleeve polo from Faherty brands is the next item. Faherty is renowned for its incredibly plush textiles and general warmth.

The colour is much more reminiscent of spring, and it has the feel of a pretty lightweight long-sleeved polo.

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Luxury Level


Sunspel long sleeve polo

Sunspel will come next. We are now beginning to look the high-end products.

If you’re searching for high quality but also higher price, Sunspel offers wonderful clothing, and this long-sleeve polo is undoubtedly going to be a staple in your wardrobe.



If you just want to unplug from all reality, Burberry has a long sleeve polo that is a cotton polo.

There isn’t any merino wool, silk, or expensive cashmere stuff there.

Burberry is among the options if you want to spend $500 on a long sleeve polo.

I wanted to be certain that I covered the entire spectrum, from your $45 up to luxury.

There are other brands on the market that have prices that are a little bit higher, but I wanted to provide you with some recommendations for products that are suitable for beginners and have a good quality-to-price ratio.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men


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