Cheap vs Expensive T-Shirt

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Cheap vs Expensive T-Shirt

T-shirts can be found in almost every man’s wardrobe.

This classic has been a staple of men’s style since the 1950s.

But why are certain t-shirts so cheap, while others are five to ten times as expensive?

I’ll explain the distinctions between cheap and expensive t-shirts in this article.


First and foremost, let’s look at the fit.

One of the major distinctions between looking trendy in a t-shirt and appearing as though you’ve made no effort is how nicely the t-shirt fits you.

A cheap-cost t-shirt will be made to fit as many different body types as possible.

While this is wonderful for sales, it also means it won’t fit any certain body shape well.

If you’re a slimmer man, for example, you’ll have a hard time locating a cheap t-shirt that isn’t overly big in the arms.

If you’re a bodybuilder, however, finding a t-shirt that’s big enough for your chest and shoulders but not too baggy in the waist will be difficult.

The more expensive brands will be designed with your body type in mind.

So you may have to shop around for a brand that fits you properly, but once you do, it will be fantastic.

Nonetheless, you may alter a cheap t-shirt to fit you better.


Let’s discuss about the material next.

That low-cost t-shirt will very certainly be a blend.

A natural fiber, such as cotton, is usually blended with a synthetic fiber, such as polyester or rayon, which aren’t as soft or breathable.

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And, while there will be some cotton in it, it will be of low quality.

Low-grade cotton, on the other hand, has a shorter strand than higher-grade cotton, making it coarser and less comfortable.

Furthermore, the cheap-cost t-shirt is likely to have a lower thread count, making it feel less soft.

The more expensive t-shirts will be composed of more special materials such as Egyptian cotton and unique and super-breathable textiles such as micromodal and bamboo.

Some comfortable-quality tees have one to three percent elastane, which gives the fabric a good elasticity and makes it easier to move around in.


The dyes used to color the shirts are the next area where cheap t-shirts may make corners.

Cheap shirts will employ low-quality dyes, and after a few washes and wears, they will begin to fade.

The majority of t-shirts are yarn-dyed, which means that the fabric is dyed before the shirt is constructed.

It’s a cheap way to do it, but it means the final t-shirt is more likely to shrink.

That high-end t-shirt will be dyed with a higher-quality synthetic dye or more expensive natural dyes like indigo.

They’re also more likely to be garment-dyed, which means that the t-shirt is cleaned and dyed after it’s been made.

This gives it a softer feel and means that it will shrink less in the future.

Brand Name

Let’s discuss about brand names next.

There’s no doubting that a t-brand shirt’s name has a significant impact on the pricing.

Between a $5 and a $50 t-shirt, you’re likely to notice a difference in quality.

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A $500 brand-name t-shirt isn’t going to be ten times better than a $50 t-shirt.

You’re just paying for the brand’s status at that point.


Let’s go on to the build quality.

Most shirts will appear great on the outside, but you’ll get a better idea of how the shirt is created if you turn it inside out.

On the inside, a cheap t-shirt may have loose or uneven stitching.

After a few weeks or months of use, don’t be surprised if it starts to come free.

That more expensive shirt, on the other hand, should have more stitches per inch and be crisp and even, with no loose threads.

It may seem insignificant, but the difference between a shirt that will endure years and one that will come apart after only a few months means down to construction quality.

What Should I Purchase?

So, when it comes to t-shirts, should you buy cheap or expensive?

In the end, it is determined by your requirements.

Do you only need a t-shirt to wear around the house or to the gym every now and then?

Then go ahead and buy something low-cost. It’ll suffice for your requirements.

If you wear t-shirts as a key component of your wardrobe, though, you would undoubtedly benefit from spending a little more money and obtaining something that would look better and last longer.

So now you know why certain t-shirts are cheap and others are more expensive.


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