How to Wear & Style a Denim Shirt (Men)

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How to Wear & Style a Denim Shirt (Men)

In this article, I’ll explain you how to wear and style a denim shirt in four different ways.

Denim shirts have made a lot of progress since they first became popular in the 1980s, and you might be shocked to hear me sing their virtues.


Denim shirts, like most men’s clothes, began as workwear. Denim shirts were ideal for miners, laborers, and cowboys because of their heavy, rough texture.

The original denim shirts were made to last rather than just to look good.

The denim shirt, much like trench coat, which emerged from combat military attire, has progressed and infiltrated the market as a fashion piece.

Denim head-to-toe was a vogue in the 1970s, so think denim leisure suits, which are fairly awful.

We began to see so many guys, not just the trendiest individuals, wearing denim shirts in the 1980s. As our civilization has become increasingly casual, so has the progression of denim shirts.

They’ve gotten considerably more informal and accepted in recent years, and common textiles have become softer and thinner than they were previously.

Denim shirts, in general, are a terrific complement to any man’s wardrobe, especially if he prefers to wear jackets over t-shirts. Denim shirts assist to soften the formality of overall attire while also adding texture that you wouldn’t find in other dress shirts.

Denim shirts are more wearable than their original counterparts because they are lightly constructed and easy to care for. Fabric finishing has progressed significantly over time. Because denim shirts are less prone to wrinkles, they don’t really need to be ironed.

Denim Shirt Options

There are a lot of different denim shirt options on the market right now.

I recommend getting something more traditional, without a lot of unnecessary decorations, for the maximum versatility. This shirt may be dressed up with a sport coat or down with a pair of chinos, and it will not go out of style in 5 years.

The first is a mid-to-light blue denim color. This shirt has a consistent color throughout with little to no whiskering or acid washing. It would be hard to distinguish if the shirt was too black, and if it were too light, the shirt would begin to seem outdated.

Make sure your denim shirt has basic buttons instead of snaps, which gives it a more Western style. At the end of your sleeve, a simple barrel cuff is all you need, nothing too complicated, and a medium spread collar or perhaps a button-down is preferable.

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Avoid choosing denim shirts with a broad stiff collar; the denim shirt isn’t appropriate for this style. Also, skip the contrast stitching and pockets on the shirt; these are all casual touches that detract from the formality of what you may wear while wearing a denim shirt.

Also, consider purchasing two denim shirts, one to be worn untucked and the other to be worn tucked in, perhaps with a sweater.

Please remember that wearing your shirt untucked is more of a trendy and modern look. Something tucked in would be a good option if you wanted something more traditional.

Let’s go through four different ways to wear a denim shirt now that we’ve covered a few of the essentials and some of the background of denim shirts.

4 Ways to Wear Denim Shirt

Generally, when wearing denim, you should make sure that at least one other piece in your ensemble contrasts with it. Remember that compared to its darker or lighter equivalents, the mid blue color of a denim shirt will provide you the greatest variety.

Also, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’m not advising you to layer denim on top of denim. You just need one per outfit.

Ensure you don’t try to pair your denim shirt with a full suit when you wear it. Keeping things at a smart casual level is usually the most formal level you’ll want to go.

During the winter time, you can pair your denim shirt with a sport coat, possibly a tweed sport coat. The denim shirt’s gentle blue tint contrasts nicely with the muted colors of your tweed sport coat.

Denim will help to enhance the tweed’s overall style by adding a lot more youthful edge. Then combine your tweed jacket with a pair of cords or chinos, and finish it off with a pair of chukka boots.

Try layering a linen sport coat over your denim shirt as the weather warms up and you want to look more put-together.

You may then pair it with a pair of chinos and a pair of loafers. Then there’s a woven belt and a nice knit tie to tie it all together. You may also try layering a sweater over your denim shirt.

Wearing a shirt under a sweater is something I always encourage, and a denim shirt is a terrific way to do so. You may always wear a cardigan, a sweater vest, or even a v-neck sweater to ensure that the denim shirt and the sweater choice have enough contrast.

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When cut correctly, denim shirts look terrific on their own with a piece of quality chinos.

So you’ve come up with a few of terrific ways to wear a denim shirt.

How to Style Denim Shirt For Men

What Should You Avoid?

Let’s go over some stuff I don’t want you to do.

For one thing, I strongly advise against wearing your denim shirt untucked and with only a t-shirt underneath. Men  make the mistake of wearing a Canadian tuxedo or a head-to-toe denim ensemble, which I have seen so many times.

People who wear denim on the bottom and a denim jacket on top are the most common examples I see. If you’re in a Western-themed situation, this would be acceptable, but I wouldn’t advocate it.

In addition, some people make the error of wearing out-of-season denim shirt jacket styles at the incorrect time of year. For example, if your denim shirt jacket has a flannel lining on the inside, wearing it outside of the fall and winter months is generally not a good idea.

There are also others who want to inject a lot of personality into their denim shirts. They have a lot of pop-culture parallels, so you’ll see them stitching their favorite bands or punk music heroes onto their denim shirts.

You definitely don’t want to do this to your shirts because it won’t last very long.

Go ahead and do it if you’re a shining star in the rock music scene. This will most likely look fantastic on you. However, if you don’t want that and prefer a more classic style, I recommend avoiding a lot of these decorations on your shirt.

You should also check to see if you’re wearing an ill-fitting denim shirt. I’ve learned this lesson before, wearing an unpleasant shirt that was too short and too tight.

This looks awful since it lengthens your torso, making you appear nearly alien-like; it also lengthens particular areas, such as your stomach, and generates a lot of pull lines in the shirt. Simply put, I had the appearance of a cartoon figure.

Find Best Fitting Denim Shirt

How can you locate the best fitting denim shirt now that you know how to avoid some improper fitting features?

The first step is to ensure that your shoulders are properly fitted. Following that, make sure the denim shirt’s general body length covers at least parts of your back pockets and the front zipper portion of your trousers.

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If your shirt is any longer than this, you will appear dwarfed and have really short legs. If it’s too short, your torso will become accentuated. Also, if your shirt is too short, it comes out looking a little too feminine, and every time you breathe, some parts of your stomach may become obvious.

At the very least, you should ensure that the chest area is tapered. Remember that denim is often a thicker fabric, so buy shirts with a little more room for motion to minimize severe tension.

This is especially true if you have a broad shoulder, a lot of muscle mass, and a tiny waist. You’ll need that extra space so you don’t feel claustrophobic beneath your arm, over your back, or through your chest.

I’ve also made the mistake of buying a fast-fashion shirt that was too thick and didn’t breathe effectively when it came to denim shirts. On a hot summer day, I decided to wear this shirt. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, but I arrived at my destination hot and sweaty.

Since then, I’ve learnt the value of bringing awareness to the season in which I wear specific textiles, and I try to buy high-quality materials wherever possible.


There are numerous ways to integrate a denim shirt into your style. It’s crucial to avoid denim shirts that are too dark or too light in hue.

Also, avoid wearing denim shirts that are too embroidered or have a lot of Western features.

Consider purchasing at least two denim shirts. One to be worn untucked and the other to be worn tucked in when you want something a little more classic.

Consider wearing your denim shirt under a tweed sport coat or maybe a v-neck sweater. Please keep in mind that the simpler your shirt’s design is, the more classic it will appear.

how to style denim shirt

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