Oxford Button Down Vs Dress Shirt

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Oxford Button Down Vs Dress Shirt

Let’s talk about the Oxford button-down shirt vs dress shirt.

Oxford button down shirt is one of the pieces in your wardrobe that will last the longest, in addition to being really comfortable to wear.

Consider it to be the elder brother to your T-shirt.

What distinguishes an Oxford button-down shirt from a dress shirt?

A large number of individuals are confused. They believe they are wearing an Oxford but are not. They mistakenly believe they are wearing a dress shirt when, in fact, they are wearing an Oxford.

Any collared shirt with long sleeves that may be worn underneath a suit or jacket is referred to as a dress shirt or a button-up shirt.

In reality, Oxford shirts are designed to be worn as outerwear. A dress shirt is designed to be worn under a jacket. Although it’s a minor distinction, it’s essential to understand.

You can wear Oxford button-down shirt  without a jacket.

Although it looks fantastic layered and worn with other things, this shirt is more of a casual button-down than a true dress shirt.

This is so versatile that you could even wear it with shorts. You may wear it untucked if you roll up the sleeves.

Because of this, this shirt actually has a lot more versatility than a typical dress shirt.

An Oxford button down shirt is typically considered a dress shirt, although the Oxford shirt differs in two ways.

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One is that they typically have a button-down collar, which solves the annoying issue of your collars flapping around or vanishing beneath your jacket.

Second, the Oxford shirt takes its name from a particular fabric weave known as Oxford cloth.

What exactly is Oxford fabric?

It all comes down to a basket weave. During the weaving process, many weft threads are crisscrossed across an equal number of warp threads, and the threads of a single color are combined with white.

The result of mixing a dark blue with white is often a lighter blue.

Therefore, as the warp and weft overlap, they mingle to create a lighter color.

You don’t always have to blend the white with the dark color, and many mills don’t adhere to that rule.

That is what an Oxford was historically, but nowadays we see a lot of white on white and occasionally blue on blue.

Although an Oxford shirt can be worn with suits, I don’t suggest it. I don’t find it appealing. The button down collar adds a more casual vibe to an outfit, detracting from the formality of a suit, thus I absolutely don’t dress my clients this way.

It simply has a clumsy appearance. Instead, I would wear it alone with the sleeves rolled up, beneath a sweater, a blazer, a bomber jacket, or even a sport coat.

Let’s talk about Oxford styles.

Hence, as the fabric is casual, the shirt style should also be casual.

Button-down collars are one of the things we’ll see. The term “Oxford shirt” is frequently used interchangeably with the soft roll-down collar.

Many people immediately think of the button-down collar when they think of the Oxford shirt.

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Although it is not required, a button-down collar complements the fabric and the shirt’s overall casual vibe beautifully.

Although a pocket is not required for Oxfords, you will frequently see one. A shirt does become more casual with a pocket.

Epaulets up here on the shoulders and side pockets are things you won’t find on an Oxford, though.

What makes Oxford button-down shirts desirable?

They are fantastic, that’s why! And for a few additional reasons.

They look fantastic on all people. Honestly, everybody!

It easily complements the rest of your basic outfit.

It has great versatility. You can wear it with shorts all the way up to a suit, in other words.

It will be difficult to locate another item of apparel that will go with all of those other looks.

And best of all, it requires very little upkeep and is really comfortable.

What colors should you choose?

Keep it as straightforward as possible so that it blends in with the rest of your basic outfit.

Stick using white and light blue instead.

How to wear Oxford button-down shirt

Your Oxford dress shirt with a button down collar can be worn in a variety of ways.

A blue button-down Oxford shirt and a navy v-neck sweater make up the first outfit. With gray pants, I added a fantastic brown leather dress belt, and brown dress shoes finished the look.

So, let’s get into outfit number two.

I swapped out the Oxford button for a white one. But before we begin with the complete outfit, let’s begin with the jacket.

I have a wonderful navy sport coat. A pocket square was added. Along with my Levi’s jeans and my brown Oxford dress shoes, I also have a brown leather dress belt.

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Let’s switch to the third and last look. Any of you guys can wear this because it’s such a simple, casual outfit.

I wear the identical Oxford button-down dress shirt. I just added a black leather watch and pulled up the sleeves. The identical pair of Levi’s jeans were paired with a black casual belt, and I finished the look with white leather Converse sneakers.

These are some of the various ways you can wear an Oxford dress shirt.

What shirt would I pick if I could only wear one for the rest of my life? The Oxford button-down shirt is all I would choose.

oxford cloth button down vs dress shirt


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