5 Men’s Tuxedo Shirt Styles & Types

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Men's Tuxedo Shirt Styles

After you’ve sorted out all of the details you want in your tuxedo (see this article: How to Choose & Buy a Tuxedo), the next step is to make sure you’re selecting the correct shirt to go with it.

There are many different styles of tuxedo shirts, and each one has its own set of nuances to consider when it comes to the style of your tux, the formality of your occasion, and your own personal style and preferences.

So, in this article, I’ll go over five different styles and types of tuxedo shirts, as well as the features of each, so you may make the best decision for your wedding day.

Wing Collar Shirt


The first tuxedo shirt is a wing collar shirt.

This will be your most formal tuxedo shirt selection, and we’ll go over four of the shirt’s distinguishing features.

The first is the collar, which has two distinct points that should be hidden beneath the bow tie instead of jutting straight up.

The bib front, on the other hand, will be made of a different, more textured fabric than the shirt itself.

The third point is that studs will be worn with this shirt. And, last, this shirt should have a French cuff that is secured by cufflinks.

As previously said, the wing collar shirt is the most formal tuxedo shirt and is quite similar to a white tie shirt. If you want to wear a wing collar shirt, a three-piece peak lapel tuxedo is the way to go.

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This is not the shirt for you if you prefer a shawl collar or a dinner jacket.


The second tuxedo shirt is known as a self-textured shirt.

The term “self-textured” merely refers to the fact that the shirt is made entirely of the same fabric. This one has a turn-down collar, a stud front, and French cuffs.

This shirt is less formal than a wing collar shirt because of the turn down collar and the lack of a bib front.

It’s one of the most adaptable tuxedo shirts available.

It can be worn with a three-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxedo, two-piece tuxed You can’t go wrong with this.

The fabric used in the shirt is one aspect to consider because it can increase or lessen the formality of the shirt.

For more formal options, a textured fabric is preferred, whereas a fabric with no texture is less formal.

Plissé Front


The Plissé Front is the third tuxedo shirt.

This is a pretty distinctive style of shirt that reminds me of something European, and the alternating lines down the front give it a beautiful textured look.

This shirt has a bib front, but the turndown collar makes it less formal than a wing collar shirt.

This shirt also has French cuffs and a stud front.

The Plissé Front is a more formal shirt in terms of formality, so I’d pair it with a three-piece tuxedo or a cummerbund.

This style of shirt is not recommended if you don’t want to wear a waistcoat or if you’re choosing a dinner jacket.

Pleated Front


The pleated front is the fourth tuxedo shirt.

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This shirt is less formal and, in my opinion, the most fashionable of the lot.

The pleats are the most noticeable characteristic. It features a stud front, turn-down collar, and French cuffs.

One thing to keep in mind with pleats is that the width of the pleats should correspond to the wearer’s frame. Narrow pleats for slimmer men, and wider pleats for larger men.

Because the pleated front shirt has a bit of a cool factor, it pairs well with a dinner jacket, particularly one that is in an intriguing color or has some texture or pattern on the fabric.

This is the shirt you’ll want if you’re wearing a velvet jacket. It also looks excellent with a tux and is a really adaptable option.

Plain or Fly Front


The plain front, sometimes known as the fly front, is the fifth tuxedo shirt.

Because the buttons are hidden, this is a really adaptable shirt with a very current vibe and simple style. So there aren’t any studs required for this one.

The turndown collar and French cuffs are two further features. This is your go-to tuxedo shirt for all occasions.

It can make a tuxedo look more contemporary and easygoing. If you’re wearing a dinner jacket, I also recommend it.

Important Factor to Consider

One thing I would strongly advise is that you wear two shirts on your wedding day.

It’ll be a full day, with photographs first, then going to the venue, shooting more photos, the ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner, dancing, and anything else you have planned for the evening after that.

All of this is going to get your shirt dirty, and that’s before you think about acquiring a stain from your bride’s lipstick, your mother’s tears of joy, or your best man spilling whiskey on you.

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If you’re wearing a tux, choosing one of the more formal shirt selections and adding a fly front shirt is a wonderful way to wear fresh throughout the day and move to a more relaxed look as the night progresses.

That concludes my list of five types of tuxedo shirts.

different types of tuxedo shirts


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