How To Dress For Special Occasions

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How To Dress For Special Occasions

When a holiday, special occasion, or event is approaching, the dreaded question, “What do I wear?” pops up.

I’m going to outline the process I use to assist my clients in preparing for big events like holiday parties, special events, other special occasions.

I apply the exact same process to each and every one of my clients. Although it might seem obvious, I assure you that I frequently receive text messages, and these are the inquiries I’m making.

These are the questions that your personal stylist, whether they are someone you work with regularly or someone in a store, ought to be asking you if you have one. Or even what you may be telling them.

So, here it is!

Where Are You Going?

When a client texts me ‘I’m getting ready for a party. What do I wear? Can you help me pick out an outfit?’, the very first question I ask is ‘where is this party at? Is it a house party, is it outside?’

Research should be your primary priority. You want to know your destination.

Even though it seems like common sense, sometimes common sense isn’t common!

If you attend a party where everyone is dressed casually and you’re the only one wearing a dazzling dress and heels, you might not feel very stylish even though you’re wearing a highly stylish outfit since you’re out of place.

Or perhaps you’re going to a very fashionable event or party and you’ll be the most casual person there.

You should really feel out the temperature, where are you going, what everyone else is going to be wearing, just so you can figure out this next step.

How You Want to Feel?

You should consider how you want to feel at the event and how you want to be perceived by others before going for that go-to little black dress in your closet.

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Do you want others to see you and say, “That is a really elegant and exquisite woman!” or do you want to add a hint of sexiness or edginess to your appearance?

How do you want to feel and how do you want other people to see you?

That is something to think about. There’re many parties where I really want to blend in and I don’t wanna stand out. Maybe I’m just a little bit anxious because I don’t know many of the attendees. I therefore want to blend in.

And for other parties, I’ll wear modest elegance with an edgy twist and a dash of edge.

There are other parties where I want to look extremely feminine, so I plan my appearance in advance.

Think once more how you want people to perceive you and how you want to feel.

Which Color Should I Pick?

Color comes in third. Color has such influence. Decide what color you want to wear.

Black is a color we use frequently, and it’s undoubtedly a color I use frequently as well.

But remember to consider how you want to feel as well as how you want to make others feel when making your color choice.

Black is the color of choice if you want to feel and look magnificent and sophisticated. However, if you want to make other people extremely pleased, you should use a yellow or orange color.

Grey is a good option if you want to be neutral. You should wear blues if you want people to trust you because it’s a special occasion for business.

Color has a lot of influence. Therefore, when choosing your outfit, keep color and the color you wish to wear in mind.

Start Shopping Your Closet

Once you’ve decided where you’re going, what you want to feel like, how you want other people to see you, and what color you want to wear, you can start shopping through your closet.

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Again, extremely common. I say this because, despite being obvious, it is not a common practice. When there is a special occasion, the first thing we want to do is head to the stores or go online and start shopping for new items.

Instead, start by looking in your closet!

Maybe now is the perfect time to wear that tiny red dress you haven’t worn in a while, or that red top you haven’t worn in a while, or that yellow top!

You might discover something you haven’t worn in a while if you pair it with something new.

Let’s take the red top. Maybe you wear it most often with a black pencil skirt. Or how about this time wearing a pair of grey pants and perhaps some pink heels?

Think what you already own in your closet and how you can repurpose it as you create outfits based on what you have.

Hit Pinterest

Hit Pinterest is your next step! Once you’ve taken a thorough inventory of what you have in your closet, head over to Pinterest and seek for ideas on how to duplicate ensembles.

Let’s start with that red top you found in your closet and really like. It makes you feel good and makes good, but you’re not sure what bottoms to wear with it or how to pair it with jewelry.

You’ll visit Pinterest and search for “red top” or “red shirt” ensembles for whatever the occasion may be. And check out what Pinterest has to offer. Take use of it; I think it’s a fantastic search engine with tons of useful ideas!

Perhaps you’ve also started following a few blogs for outfit ideas.

Because I want to be true to you, true to your body type and shape, I’m not giving you outfit ideas in this article; instead, I’m just giving the process.

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So after visiting Pinterest, go return to your closet and see what outfit you can put together with the inspiration you’ve acquired.

Hit The Stores

If you’re at a loss for ideas, think about what you would like to wear; perhaps some of your Pinterest searches will provide you with fresh inspiration; after that, you can either hit to the stores or begin shopping online.

I think that one of the most annoying situations is when someone has an event to attend but is unsure about what to wear. After that, you simply start shopping and making impulsive purchases.

Before you hit the stores or begin your shopping, you just want to get that image and idea.

These are some suggestions I have for you on how to choose an outfit for a formal occasion or special event. The process I employ for both myself and my clients is the same. I’m hoping you’ll find it useful as well.

The majority of stylists follow this process, therefore if you want to be your own best personal stylist, this is a terrific process for you to use.

What to wear for special occasions


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