How to Hide Tummy With Clothes

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how to hide tummy with clothes

If you’ve gained a few pounds, you’ll appreciate these easy-to-follow styling tips that will teach you how to hide your tummy with clothes.

When trying to hide a stomach, it’s all too simple to do the exact opposite and emphasize the issue area instead of minimizing it.

Given that I’d gained a few pounds, I though you would be interested in some of the small tummy-hiding strategies and tricks I’ve been using.

I work out as well, although I don’t necessarily recommend that you do so. It all comes down to feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I need to lose a few pounds merely to feel comfortable in the clothes I own. These tips and tricks, on the other hand, do not necessitate any more workout.

Regardless of your size, they will make you look and feel amazing.

High Waist

Where the magic happens is in high-waisted anything. I’m referring to jeans, pants, and skirts.

If you have a little extra weight around your belly, go for something high-waisted.

These pieces tend to tighten and flatter your midsection, and they can really help to slim that area down.

Length of Sleeve

Another factor to consider is sleeve length, which is sometimes disregarded.

The focus will be attracted to the place where your tummy and waist are the biggest, if your sleeves end just there.

When it comes to sleeves, depending on your arms, choose a shorter or full-length sleeve so that your attention isn’t directed to the area you’re trying to hide.

The length of the sleeves is often neglected, but it makes such a difference. If you’re trying to slim down your tummy, make sure your sleeves don’t terminate directly at your elbows, as this will draw attention to your broadest section while your arms are down.


When it comes to hiding a belly, stylists recommend wearing larger tops and skinnier pants.

This is a good look that works, however I think you need to be careful not to slip into the maternity style of dressing.

When you choose a top with a lot of volume and fabric, you run the danger of appearing larger than you actually are.

Doing a half tuck is something I truly enjoy doing. I understand that a half tuck can make you feel a little exposed at times, but trust me when I say that it is really flattering.

It gives you a tiny amount of shape and pulls you in a little bit, but the sections of the top that hang down tend to hide places, so your hips will be covered.

If you’re wearing a blouse or top that’s a little bigger, a half tuck is a great method to avoid looking like you’re wearing maternity clothes.

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Shift Dress

Wrap dresses are frequently mentioned as being very attractive if you’ve gained some weight around your midsection.

That may be true, but I frequently find them to be a little too figure-hugging.

If you’ve recently gained weight, a wrap dress may make you feel a little exposed.

Yes, they’re attractive since they provide the appearance of a waste and draw you in at the narrowest portion of your body.

However, they do have a tendency to hug your form pretty tightly, which can make you feel a little exposed.

A shift dress is what I usually choose for because it skims down the side of your body and doesn’t cling to any of your body parts.

It doesn’t accentuate any of your curves, but it doesn’t give you much form either. You don’t want to highlight your curves if you’re feeling a little curvier right now.

As a result, a shift dress is your best friend.

Another good reason to wear a shift dress is if you prefer to carry your extra weight around your stomach.

In general, you have an apple-shaped body type, and if you’re an apple, you’ve got fantastic legs.

So a chef dress is going to work wonders for you.

No Empire Dress

When it comes to covering up a tummy, I know a lot of stylists recommend empire style dresses.

An empire is defined as a dress that falls just below the bust. The only problem I have with these is that they can easily be mistaken for pregnancy apparel.

Yes, they are figure flattering in that they hide your tummy because they cinch you in at the narrowest portion of your body.

However, because they tend to look a little maternal, I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re attempting to conceal a tummy.

Monochrome Outfits

Wearing monochrome outfits is one of the best styling suggestions for hiding a little excess weight around your waist.

Simply said, this means wearing the same hue from head to toe. It doesn’t matter if it’s all-white or all-gray.

When we’re attempting to look slimmer or downplay a certain body area, I know we gravitate toward darker colors. It does not, however, have to be of a dark color.

Choose a color that suits for your skin tone and makes you feel good, such as pastel pink, blush pink, or a pastel blue, and wear it from head to toe.

It really does help to extend your body and it doesn’t draw attention to any one element of it. As a result, it’s a really attractive option.

Small Prints

Wearing prints, on the other hand, is something else you can do.

The print’s size does matter, but the beauty of wearing anything printed is that the print simply confuses your eyes. It doesn’t draw your attention to a certain portion of your body.

Small prints are also excellent at hiding troublesome areas.

As a general rule, the smaller the print, the more your body is minimized. The bigger the print (huge flowers), the bigger you might appear.

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No Accessories at Midsection

Another important thing to remember is to avoid wearing accessories that may draw attention to your belly.

There should be no detailing or ties in the waist where your widest section is on your pants or jeans. There will be no belts too!

You don’t want to bring attention to your midsection. Because any extra detailing or embellishments will call attention to that location, something you don’t want to do.

So say no to accessories and keep everything that may draw attention to your stomach to a minimum.

When I’m styling someone who has a little more weight around their middle, I like to play with layering a little bit.

What I mean is that I would choose a somewhat longer top, followed by a shorter jacket or vest.

The longer, slightly airy top provides you a little more mobility because it isn’t sticking to your midsection. However, a slightly shorter jacket draws attention to a smaller section of your body, which is usually your waist.

As a result of the different layers, the eye is fooled into thinking there is a fake waist, which is quite appealing.

Clothes to hide big tummy

Longer Lines

Another technique I frequently do is layering pieces to create vertical lines.

A long-line layered cardigan, a vest, or a kimono are all good options.

What you do here is basically have more form-fitting garments to offer you that extra coverage so your stomach area isn’t exposed and highlighted.

You’ll be wearing a longer line, which will deceive the eye. It elongates the body and attracts the eye down the body, giving the sense of length.

And all of that is extremely attractive.

So, if you want to draw attention away from your tummy, apply a longer line layer that only skims your torso.

It shouldn’t be overly huge, thick, or full, but it should skim your body and elongate you.

Small Vertical Stripes

If you want to look longer and leaner, I’m sure you’ve heard that vertical stripes are the way to go.

While this is true, the most important thing to remember is to choose a small, thin, and narrow stripe.

It’s similar to what I said about patterns previously. The bigger the design, the bigger you look.

The bigger the stripe, the more it can accomplish the same thing.

Yes, stripes will make you appear longer and leaner, but make sure the stripes are fine.

No Baggy Clothing

When it comes to covering up a certain area, notably their tummy, I believe the most common error people do is going up a size and wearing large baggy apparel.

I believe most of us are aware that this is not the case. It makes you appear larger than you are.

What I’m recommending is that you don’t wear figure-hugging clothing, but instead choose pieces that are true to size, won’t swim on you, and will add volume and make you appear larger.

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Consider form-fitting rather than figure-hugging.

Good Undergarments

I’ve never been a big fan of spanx or shapewear. I dislike the concept of suffocating myself and not being able to breathe freely.

However, I always emphasize the importance of having nice underwear.

That’s just regular underwear. A strong basis for any outfit is a well-fitting bra and decent underwear.

It’s all too easy to overlook the fundamentals, yet excellent underwear may make all the difference.

Lighter Fabrics

Fabric is another factor that influences the outcome.

Try lighter weight materials when you want to slim down and look less fat, especially around your tummy.

I’m not talking about sheer textiles; you don’t want to be wearing those.

However, lighter weight drapey, soft materials will be the ideal choice.

Good Posture

Another factor to consider is posture, which we frequently overlook.

When you gain a little weight, you often don’t feel as good as you used to. It’s all too simple to droop and avoid putting your best foot forward.

However, now is the moment to improve your posture and stand tall and prouder than ever before.

It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference. Simply stand tall and confident, and your clothes will seem much better as a result of your strong posture.


Wearing accessories that attract attention away from your tummy is another option.

Obviously, it will depend on the season, but a stunning scarf or a pair of stunning boots or shoes will divert attention away from the place you don’t want anyone to look at.

Accessories are a great method to accomplish this. Statement necklaces, stunning earrings, stylish sunglasses, and hats are all on the list.

Consider accessories as a way to bring attention to different portions of your body.

Play Up Your Assets

Finally, it’s all about maximizing your assets.

Play up the aspects of your body that you absolutely love if you’re carrying excess weight around your midsection.

Those places exist in everyone, whether they are on the face, the décolletage, the eyes, or the legs.

Whatever it is, highlight your assets, your strong qualities, and draw attention to them using accessories and wardrobe choices. If you’re trying to hide your tummy, keep it to a minimum and avoid focusing on it.



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