Swimsuit Hacks & Tips to Look Slimmer

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Swimsuit Hacks & Tips to Look Slimmer

This video is discussing swimsuit slimming hacks for women. The speaker is sharing various tips and tricks to look slimmer and feel confident in swimsuits, without the need to lose weight.

Swimsuit Slimming Hacks

Diagonal Lines

The first hack involves choosing swimsuits with diagonal lines instead of horizontal lines. These lines create an illusion that draws the eyes up and down the body, making it look longer and slimmer.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is recommended as another technique to achieve a slimming effect. The speaker suggests using swimsuits with different colored tops and bottoms to flatter the figure.

 High-rise vs. Low-rise

The speaker explains that the conventional wisdom of high-rise bottoms being better may not apply to swimsuits. In this context, low-rise bikini bottoms might actually make the tummy look less obvious. However, high-rise bottoms can still be worn if they are in darker colors.


Contrary to the popular belief that black is the most slimming color, the speaker reveals that prints can work even better, especially busy prints that have a lot going on. These prints distract the eye from any areas you might not want to emphasize.


Ruching design is praised for its slimming effect, especially for those with weight in the midsection. When the ruched pieces are worn, the wrinkles and extra fabric smooth out and create an illusion of a more flattering silhouette.


The speaker talks about the mesh design, which can be intimidating for some but is suggested as a flattering choice. Mesh can provide coverage to areas you might feel self-conscious about, while still showing some skin. Diagonal positioning of the mesh is emphasized for the most slimming effect.

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Cutouts can be a double-edged sword, working for or against the wearer. Strategic placement of cutouts is essential, avoiding the stomach area for those with weight concerns there. Instead, placing them under the chest can draw attention to the chest area and away from the stomach.

Overall, the video provides hacks empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in swimsuits by using clever styling techniques.

Swimsuit Hacks & Tips


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