How to Wear Navy Blue For Women

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How to Wear Navy Blue For Women

In this video, the speaker talks about various ways to wear the color navy in a modern and versatile way. The speaker discusses how navy is often associated with a corporate or serious connotation, but it can be styled in unexpected ways to make it feel more current and modern.

The speaker provides several tips for styling navy, such as keeping the details unexpected by choosing softer, floaty fabrics and incorporating less traditional jewelry like gold hoops.

She also suggest going head to toe navy, which is softer than black and provides a great base to add accessories. The speaker emphasizes that adding different textures, like silk and structured pants, can keep the outfit visually interesting.

The speaker also talks about how navy is prevalent in nature and suggests pairing it with lighter colors like soft pink or white to soften the navy and create a romantic feeling. They also discuss the versatility of navy in different seasons, making it a great transitional color from fall to winter.

She emphasizes the importance of personal style and experimentation, encouraging viewers to have fun with their fashion choices.

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