How Should a Sweater Fit Man (Including V-Neck Sweater)

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How Should a Sweater Fit Man

Let’s talk about how your sweaters should fit.

What to Wear When Trying On?

Before we get started, I want to discuss what you should be wearing underneath your sweaters when you try them on to ensure a good fit.

Make sure you’re wearing a collared dress shirt underneath when trying on a V-neck sweater because you should never wear a V-neck sweater without a collared shirt since it looks awful, sloppy, and unprofessional.

The idea is that you shouldn’t wear a T-shirt, a V-neck shirt, or—certainly—go shirtless underneath your V-neck sweater. That is extremely creepy.

Stick with a T-shirt while trying on a crew neck sweater because that’s pretty much all you’ll be wearing underneath your crew neck sweater.

How a Sweater Should Fit

Make certain that your sweater satisfies all of the requirements listed below.

It’s quite significant because you cannot get it altered if it is knit and/or made of wool, silk, or other finer materials, like cashmere.

It’s going to be extremely challenging, almost to the point of being impossible.

Length of V Point

To begin with, you should make sure that the point of the V on a V-neck sweater does not extend past your armpits.

The V’s tip shouldn’t extend past the line between your armpits. The lowest point of your V should be along this line.

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You want the V’s opening to be just wide enough for the shirt collar tips to stay tucked in.

Any wider than that, and the shirt’s sides would be seen, making it look incredibly sloppy. It’s not what you want.


Starting with the shoulders on all sweaters, make sure the shoulder seams line up as close to the end of your shoulders as feasible.


On to the sleeves now. They shouldn’t dig into your armpit; you want them to gently hug your arms all the way down to your wrist.

It appears as though your sweater has shrunk if the sleeves are overly snug to the point that you practically bulge out of them.

However, it also looks sloppy and terrible if the sleeves are too loose.

Always check to see if the outfit you’re wearing is well-tailored and comfortable.

The ideal sleeve length should hit just above the bend of your wrist.

If you’re wearing a collared shirt underneath, you should pull up the sleeves of your sweater so that a quarter-inch of your shirt sleeve is visible.


Onto the body.

On either side of your lower ribs, you shouldn’t be able to pinch more than two inches of fabric. No matter what your size or shape, your sweater should fit closely to your body.

There is no justification for a voluminous sweater. It simply appears sloppy.

Last but not least, you want your sweater’s length to hit between your lower belt buckle and two inches past it.

That is all there is, nothing more, nothing less.

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That’s how your sweater should fit.

Let’s Discuss V-Neck Sweaters

Because you’ll need to layer clothing to stay warm during the colder months of the year, a V-neck sweater is a necessity.

Additionally, it blends and complements well with the rest of your basic clothing, which effectively doubles the amount of outfits you may create from your wardrobe.

So let’s pretend you’re wearing a suit to illustrate what I mean by that. It instantly transforms into a stylish winter ensemble when a V-neck sweater is added.

If you add a V-neck sweater to an outfit that includes a dress shirt and dark wash jeans, it becomes entirely different.

So, when I say a V-neck sweater doubles the amount of outfits you can create from your collection, that is what I mean.

Why a V-neck sweater when a crew neck sweater will do?

V-necks merely add a bit of formality that the crew neck won’t provide.

I truly enjoy wearing crew necks, but if I had to choose between the two, I would prefer a V-neck sweater because it looks well on everyone, unlike a crew neck, which suits most guys.

However, for the wider and broader males, the vast expanse of fabric just serves to highlight their wider chest and stomach region.

Consequently, it simply isn’t for everyone.

What fabric should your V-neck sweater be?

Because wool is a higher-quality fabric that will hold up better over time and last longer, I choose wool or a wool blend over sweaters made of 100% cotton or polyester.

I would absolutely suggest a wool/silk blend or a cotton blend if your body tends to run a little warmer because it’s a lighter-weight fabric that will breathe more and keep you a little cooler.

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Make sure the fabric is light to medium thickness, no matter what you choose. You shouldn’t wear a sweater that is excessively thick or bulky because it will just make you look bigger. If you are a skinny guy, it will just highlight your thinness; if you are a wider guy, it will make you look wider.

What color should your V-neck sweater be?

A black V-neck sweater is a must-have for any man because it matches everything in your basic wardrobe.

If you currently have that, then you should add navy and/or charcoal as additional options.

What outfits go best with your V-neck sweater?

You might go for a black sweater with a V-neck, a white Oxford button down shirt, a black tie, a black dress belt, gray dress pants, and black dress shoes to complete the look.

Or you can put on a navy V-neck sweater, a light blue Oxford button down shirt, a navy jeans and a brown dress shoes.

how should a v-neck sweater fit

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