Curve Cut Hairstyle

Curve Cut Hair

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The curve cut is a contemporary layered haircut that gained popularity, especially through TikTok.

Its roots trace back to the ’90s with the iconic “Rachel” haircut.

The curve cut, also known as the C-cut, involves shorter layers framing the face, with longer layers towards the back, creating a C-shaped curve.

It’s favored by celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Laura Harrier, and Lucy Hale for its flattering shape and ability to thicken hair while providing a ’90s blowout bounce.

The style is versatile and suits various hair types, emphasizing facial features.

Unlike recent choppy and jagged layer trends, the curve cut’s layers are soft and blended, creating the illusion of length during the grow-out phase.

The curve cut belongs to a group of alphabet-inspired layering methods, with S-curve resembling a gentle shag, V-cut featuring sharp, angled layers, and U-cut sharing soft, round, face-framing goals.

Shaping the curve cut involves shorter pieces around the face, creating a C shape to focus attention on framing the face.

Styling the curve cut includes parting hair down the middle for symmetrical framing, encouraging inward-turning layers for a C-shaped effect.

Styling tools like a blow dryer and round brush, curling iron, or air-drying can be used to achieve the desired look.

Less-is-more styling at the back with a focus on framing the complexion is recommended.

Hairspray is suggested for hold while maintaining movement, a key element of the style.

Consultation with a stylist is crucial to determine the best length and style based on individual hair type and preferences.

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The curve cut and similar styles aim to provide a stylish change to hair with minimal damage, emphasizing simplicity and ease of daily styling.


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