Low Ponytail With Volume: How to Add

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Low Ponytail With Volume

In the world of hairstyling, achieving the perfect balance between sleekness and volume in a low ponytail can often be a daunting task.

Fortunately, with the right techniques and products, mastering this sought-after style becomes not only achievable but also remarkably elegant.

This video tutorial provided by Kenra Professional is showcasing the artistry and expertise required to create a low ponytail with impressive volume.

From strategic product application to meticulous styling methods, this tutorial offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to elevate their ponytail game to new heights.

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply aiming to enhance your everyday look, learn the key steps and secrets behind crafting a sleek yet voluminous low ponytail that is sure to turn heads.

Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a professional hairstylist associated with Hair and Makeup by Steph, collaborates with Kenra Professional in this tutorial.

The focus is on achieving a low ponytail style that combines sleekness with volume.

High Volume Low Ponytail

Brinkerhoff starts by applying Kenra Dry Volume Burst 3 specifically at the roots to target areas where volume is desired, particularly concentrating on the crown.

She then proceeds to backcomb the hair at the crown, working in small sections to ensure sufficient volume is achieved.

To set the volume in place, Brinkerhoff utilizes Kenra Volume Spray 25, spraying it onto the backcombed sections to secure the volume.

Attention is paid to maintaining a balance between volume at the crown and sleekness on the sides to ensure a cohesive look.

For the sleek sides, she employs Kenra Platinum Working Wax to smooth the hair back, focusing on achieving a polished appearance.

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Brinkerhoff emphasizes the importance of securing the ponytail low at the back while retaining the volume in the middle.

A hook elastic is used to ensure the ponytail is tightly secured, with any excess elastic hidden using a strand of hair wrapped around and pinned.

The tutorial progresses to detailing the ponytail, starting with adding soft waves using a curling iron and Kenra Hot Spray 20 for thermal protection and hold.

How to Add Volume to Low Ponytail

To enhance volume further, Brinkerhoff employs a blow dryer and flat clip technique, lifting sections of the ponytail and applying hairspray at the roots before drying to set the volume.

Backcombing is also used within the ponytail to add volume, particularly towards the interior sections.

Additional bobby pins are strategically placed within the ponytail to further secure the volume in place.

Finally, the ponytail is scrunch-sprayed with hairspray and softly blow-dried to ensure all elements are locked in place.

Brinkerhoff concludes by meticulously checking and detailing the ponytail to ensure a flawless finish from all angles.

Source: www.youtube.com/@KenraProfessional

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