Jellyfish Haircut

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Jellyfish Haircuts

The jellyfish haircut is just what you’d expect—bulbous fullness on top and lengthier, tentacle-like tresses on the bottom.

The jellyfish haircut is inspired by the Japanese hime cut and combines two iconic styles: a blunt bob and a mullet.

A jellyfish hairstyle involves cutting the hair on top short and blunt, similar to a bob, while leaving the hair underneath long and textured.

This cut looks like a jellyfish, hence the name.

It’s comparable to a mullet or shag in that the hair on top is significantly shorter than the hair underneath, but the portions are even more pronounced and disconnected.

The jellyfish haircut lets you to wear both short and long hairstyles at the same time. It also allows you to tinker with texture, shape, and length to tailor the cut to your preferences.

Does the jellyfish haircut work for everyone?

Short answer: yes. To get the jellyfish haircut, consult with a hairdresser who can adjust the style to your hair type, density, and facial shape.

The jellyfish haircut is essentially a low-maintenance style. Once you’ve had the chop, you don’t need to do much to attract attention. If you want to add more body to your hair, grab some style products that highlight the layers.


Jellyfish Haircut Tutorial

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