Wolf Haircut For Women

Wolf Haircuts

In the recent years, a unique hybrid has emerged: the wolf haircut. It melds multiple styles, lengths, and textures to create a style that’s growing in popularity. The wolf cut is a favorite among celebrities.

The wolf cut consists of bangs and lots of layers. The layering is mainly cut around the face frame and on the sides and back, so the top isn’t round but lays flatter.

This gives emphasis to the bangs and layering around the face and from the temples down to the bottom of the haircut.

 How To: The Wolf Haircut Tutorial

This video provides a tutorial on how to cut the popular wolf haircut in a few simple steps. The presenter emphasizes the importance of proper sectioning, breaking it down into a center parting and separation of front and back sections along the hairline and occipital bone.

Tools and Preparation

  • The presenter uses the tri-razor by FSE, a versatile tool with three functions in one, for the haircut.
  • Prepares the hair with tea tree hemp replenishing hair and body oil to facilitate razor cutting by softening the cuticle.

Execution of the Wolf Haircut – Right Side

  • Starts cutting on the right side using a diagonal back parting, creating an open haircut with a quick descending perimeter line towards the back.
  • Demonstrates how to use the tri-razor to draw lines and connect the front and back, maintaining a distinctive wolf haircut style.

Execution of the Wolf Haircut – Left Side

  • Follows a similar process on the left side, using a slight diagonal back parting to connect the fringe area and create symmetry with the right side.
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Additional Techniques and Products

  • Moves to the back of the head, using the texture 50 side of the tri-razor to remove weight and create texture without layering.
  • Adds the FSE haircutting system as a sponsor, highlighting its features, and recommends using additional products like the do it all spray, diffuser, and Paul Mitchell worked up hairspray to achieve a natural, textured, and volumized look.


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