Claw Clip Hairstyles For Long Hair

Here are 3 easy claw clip hairstyles for long hair! These hair clip hairstyles are heatless and perfect for medium to long hair lengths. They’re not only quick and easy, but they cause little to no damage to your hair.

The presenter begins by expressing her preference for claw clip hairstyles. She shares that the highlighted hairstyles are not only quick and easy but also gentle on the hair while maintaining a cute appearance.

The presenter describes her hair preparation, mentioning that she slept in robe curls the night before. She removes them, gently combs through the curls, and applies a bit of hair oil.

How to Claw Clip Long Hair

The first hairstyle demonstrated is the French twist. The presenter instructs viewers to gather their hair into a low ponytail, use fingers to smooth it back, twist it counterclockwise, and secure it with a claw clip, leaving out the ends for a tousled look.

The second hairstyle is a more chic version suitable for long or thick hair. The presenter guides viewers to wrap the ponytail around fingers, twist it, and secure it with a clip. This technique is highlighted as a quick and easy way to secure all hair tightly and gently.

How to Do Claw Clip Hairstyle

The third hairstyle is a half-up look. The presenter instructs viewers to gather hair above the temples, give it a half twist, secure it with a small claw clip, and add volume to the crown by pulling in small pieces around the area.

Throughout the video, the presenter recommends specific products, such as claw clips from the brand Kitsch.

Claw Clip Updo Long Hair Claw Clip Hairstyles Long Hair


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