Hair Color Trends For 2024

hair color trends 2024

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As we step into 2024, the realm of hairstyling is undergoing a thrilling evolution with exciting and innovative trends that promise to redefine beauty standards.

From bold and daring hues that make a statement to subtle, natural shades that enhance individuality, this year’s hair color trends are a delightful spectrum of creativity.

Join us on a journey through the hottest hues and techniques that will dominate salons and street styles alike. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a classic beauty enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in the upcoming wave of hair color trends for 2024.

Get ready to be inspired, experiment, and embrace a new era of self-expression through your tresses!

According to an article by Refinery29, these 13 hair color trends will be huge in 2024.

Mushroom Brown

Low-maintenance, cool-toned, earthy brunette. Boasts minimal upkeep. Add  some balayage or highlights peppered throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

Baby Balayage

A finer and more understated version of traditional balayage. Described as “delicately hand-painted highlights at the tips”.

Copper Apricot

A tangy shade merging apricot, strawberry, and peach tones. Can be worn as balayage, all-over color, or highlights; requires less maintenance. Easy to create, as hair naturally warms up when lifted.

Expensive Brunette

Rich, opulent brunette shades with a glossy finish. Described as “quiet luxury” hair; requires regular trims and maintenance for the glossy appearance.

Caramelised Peach

Occupies a space between blonde, brunette, and copper. Suitable for various personalities and haircut styles; works well on layered cuts.

Opalising (Platinum Blonde)

Blending subtle blue, violet, and pink tones for dimension. Also referred to as “celestial silver” or “pearlescent white”; requires regular maintenance.

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Atomic Blonde

Involves “deep teasing” with a natural color at the root and melting into mid-lengths and ends at different levels. Inspired by the atomic age and retro-futurism. Suitable for those with dark hair, brows, and eyes.

Grey Contouring

Using deep, graphite tones to make dark eyes pop. Specific sections of hair are dyed for a statement; grey as a trend rather than just accepting grey hair.

Root Melting

Graduated, dark-to-light look starting at the roots and flowing seamlessly into mid-lengths. Reduces the appearance of regrowth and offers lower maintenance.

Champagne Blonde

Warm, golden hues as an alternative to icy blonde tones. Regrowth is less noticeable with a richer tone.

Smoked Lavender

A lilac-grey tone described as head-turning and flattering. Grey experts predicted to be as significant as balayage in 2024.

Sonic Silver

Inspired by Paco Rabanne and H&M collaboration; a beige, silver ash tone. Represents a nod to the ’90s and brings designer aesthetics to a new audience.

Midnight Navy

Blue within a grey palette; predicted to be a key tone in 2024. Particularly stunning on textured hair and curls, providing intense shine.


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