6 Best Polo Shirts For Men

Best Polo Shirts For Men

This video aims to determine the best polo brand shirts for men based on fit, quality, and value.

The host mentions that he asked his Instagram followers to share their favorite polo brand, and based on their responses, he compiled a list of the top six most popular polo brands.

The video’s objective is to evaluate each brand’s polo shirts based on their fit, quality, and overall value. The host plans to provide individual ratings for each brand and ultimately declare the best Polo on the market.

The sixth most popular brand is Collars and Co, which was featured on Shark Tank. The host provides details about the shirt’s material, fit, and unique features like a super stiff collar.

He rates Collars and Co with scores of 8 for fit, 8 for quality, and 9 for value, resulting in a total score of 25 out of 30.

The fifth most popular brand is Psycho Bunny, known for unconventional branding. The host highlights the shirt’s comfortable 100% Pima cotton material, weight, and design elements such as mother of pearl buttons.

Psycho Bunny receives high ratings, with scores of 8 for fit, a perfect 10 for quality, and 9 for value, totaling 27 out of 30.

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Hugo Boss is the fourth most popular brand, and despite being a luxury brand, the host admits skepticism about its value.

He mentions the shirt’s material blend, design details, and the brand’s high price tag. Hugo Boss receives scores of 8 for fit, 7 for quality, and 6 for value, resulting in a total score of 21 out of 30.

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The third most popular brand is Fred Perry, initially designed for tennis players. The host examines the fabric, classic design, and signature Laurel wreath logo. Fred Perry’s Polo receives scores of 7 for fit, 9 for quality, and 8 for value, totaling 24 out of 30.

Lacoste, the second most popular polo brand. The host explains the brand’s history and the polo’s lightweight 100% cotton fabric.

However, he mentions potential shrinkage issues and provides ratings of 7 for fit, 8 for quality, and 7 for value, resulting in a total score of 22 out of 30.

The most popluar brand is Ralph Lauren, known for its sleek and well-put-together appearance.

The host expresses surprise at the brand’s high price point and discusses the polo’s heavyweight fabric and collar issues. Ralph Lauren receives ratings of 8 for fit, 9 for quality, and 8 for value, totaling 25 out of 30.

After assessing all the brands, the host announces Psycho Bunny as the winner, based on its impressive quality.

Best Polo Shirts Men

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