How to Style Polo Shirt For Men

How to Style Polo Shirt For Men

This video discusses different ways to style a polo shirt for men. It begins by emphasizing the versatility of polo shirts and how they can be dressed up or down.

The presenter then goes on to provide tips on how a polo shirt should fit, including the shoulder seam, length, torso area, and sleeves.

After discussing how a polo shirt should fit, he demonstrates five different ways to style it.

The first way is with a simple pair of shorts for a casual look. The second way is with a pair of jeans, which Evan notes is often seen as the engineer uniform. The third way is with a pair of chinos, which he categorizes as smart casual.

The fourth way is with suit trousers or cropped trousers, which can be dressed up or down depending on whether they are tucked in and paired with loafers or sneakers. The fifth and most dressy way to style a polo shirt is with a sports coat or blazer.

Throughout the video, the presenter provides additional tips on styling, such as not tucking a polo shirt into jeans and opting for loafers instead of sneakers for a dressier look.

He also suggests switching up the classic white collar polo with navy blue, gray, or black options.

The next video is about polo shirt etiquette and dos and don’ts.

The first rule is to never wear an undershirt beneath a polo shirt. The second rule is to wear them fitted but not tight, as a polo shirt should be flattering but not show every part of the body.

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The third rule is to size the polo shirt to your height and tuck them in when appropriate. The fourth rule is to not pop the collar, except in certain situations. The fifth rule is to avoid large logos, and the sixth rule is to not wear a polo shirt with a blazer.


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